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Éco Sinopé

The new Neviweb feature that allows you
to take full advantage of your power utility’s dynamic pricing program.

A free feature that optimizes your energy cost
Once registered to a dynamic pricing program, activate Éco Sinopé to reduce your energy consumption during peak events and, therefore, your electricity bill.

Savings with
complete freedom

With Éco Sinopé, you maximize your savings and keep full control of your devices, all without commitment. Moreover, you can deactivate or unsubscribe at any time without penalty.

Of absolute simplicity

1 Choose your
smart devices

Get the participating Sinopé devices compatible with your installation.

2Download the
Neviweb app

The Neviweb app available on the App Store and Google play allows you to access Éco Sinopé and many advantageous features for greater control of your energy consumption.

3 Set the feature

Select the Hydro-Québec program you are enrolled in and choose the profile that best suits your needs.

4 Enjoy your savings

Once the feature is set, Sinopé takes care of adjusting the setpoints of your participating devices during peak events according to the selected profile. All you have to do is to enjoy your savings. Nothing could be easier!

A profile to suit you

Éco Sinopé offers 4 options tailored to your needs and
allowing you to generate significant savings.

The cold-sensitive For the blankets and woolen socks lovers who have an interest in savings

The balanced For the person who wants harmony between comfort and savings

The adventurer For the thoughtful person who wants to optimize its energy consumption during peak periods and save money.

The daredevil For the one ready to jump without a net to maximize its savings

Satisfied users

"I installed Sinopé thermostats and some load controllers. The installation is easy. Éco Sinopé is a wonderful tool to automatically follow the dynamic pricing."
- Robert L.

"I subscribe to Hydro-Quebec's winter credit, and with the Éco Sinopé feature, I was able to automatically make good savings on my electricity bill, without having to program anything. Thank you, Éco Sinopé."
- Denis

"With the "Éco sinopé" service combined with Hydro-Québec's "winter credit" rate, you can obtain credits of more than $100 from Hydro-Québec per winter. Your thermostats will pay for themselves that much faster. Energy efficiency is made pleasant and pays off."
- Michel L.

Receive real-time notifications


Go! A peak event is in progress. Reduce your energy consumption and save big. The event will end at 20:00.

Enable push notifications to be notified when a peak event starts and ends.
This will allow you to take further actions to reduce your energy consumption during peak periods.

Get the right information

See your energy consumption and savings
in real-time for each connected device.

Only use the electricity needed!

Geofencing, automations, schedules, scenes, and many other features are available with the Neviweb app to help you manage your electricity demand and reduce your bill.

Put your energy at the right place

Save time by programming all your smart devices using one app and enjoy the comfort you dreamed of at home.

We are working to make Éco Sinopé available
in all regions of North America.
This feature is only available to Quebec users for the moment. Interested in enjoying the benefits of Éco Sinopé? Let us know!
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Not a Hydro-Québec customer and want to subscribe to
Éco Sinopé ?

Please answer the following questions about your location and power utility provider. Our dedicated team will get hold of them to activate Éco Sinopé with their specific requirements.

1- What country do you live in ?

2- What is your state or province?

3- What is your zip code?

4- What is the name of your electricity provider?

5- What is the average cost of your electricity per kWh?

6-Does your electricity rate vary depending on the time of the day or consumption level?

7-What is the email address related to your Neviweb account?

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*Offer valid from July 19 to July 26, 2021, at 3:00 A.M. EST.

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