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Welcome to
Éco Sinopé

Welcome to
Éco Sinopé

The Neviweb feature that
allows you to take full advantage
of your power utility’s dynamic
pricing program.

Éco Sinopé profile selection in the Neviweb App

A free feature that optimizes your energy cost

A free feature that optimizes your energy cost

The Éco Sinopé feature proposes a simple way to reduce your energy consumption during peak hours and to maximize your savings in the comfort of your home.
It ties in with your power utility’s energy efficiency programs and automates the setpoints of your smart devices according to your programming.

Be part of the change

Join your power utility’s program today!

A highly profitable feature

Keep full control
of your devices

Do your part
for the planet

Say hello to savings

Of absolute simplicity

TH1123WF Smart line voltage thermostat on a wall


Choose your
smart devices

Get the participating Sinopé devices compatible with your installation.
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Download the Neviweb app

The Neviweb app available on the App Store and Google play allows you to access Éco Sinopé and many advantageous features for greater control of your energy consumption.


Set the feature

Select your electricity
provider's program and
choose the profile that
best suits your needs.


Enjoy your

Once the feature is set, Sinopé takes care of adjusting the setpoints of your participating devices during peak events according to the selected profile. All you have to do is to enjoy your savings. Nothing could be easier!

A profile to suit you

Éco Sinopé offers options tailored to your needs and allowing you to generate significant savings.*

The cold-sensitive

+ 3 °F/- 3 °F

For the blankets and woolen socks lovers who have an interest in savings.

You are a blankets and woolen socks lover, you like your comfort and are interested in saving.During peak events, you will get a low temperature adjustment, which will vary by 3 °F.
Éco Sinopé Cold-Sensitive profile graph
Two hours before the event, the Éco Sinopé feature increases the thermostat’s setpoint temperature to preheat the room. This preheating allows to accumulate heat and to obtain a comfortable temperature during the peak period.
During the peak event, the Éco Sinopé feature lowers the thermostat’s initial setpoint temperature by 3 °F to help you reduce your energy consumption during critical hours. During this period, your heating system will stop working, which will lead to substantial savings.
At the end of the event, the setpoint temperature increases by 3 °F to reach the initial setpoint temperature.

The balanced

+ 4 °F/- 4 °F

For the person who wants harmony between comfort and savings.

You are looking for harmony between your comfort and your savings.During peak events, you will get a medium temperature adjustment, which will vary by 4 °F.
Éco Sinopé Blanced profile graph