Welcome to
Éco Sinopé

The new Neviweb feature that allows you
to take full advantage of your power utility’s dynamic pricing program.

A free feature that optimizes your energy cost
Have you registered for Hydro-Quebec rate Flex D or winter credit option ? Activate Éco Sinopé to reduce your energy consumption during peak events and, therefore, your electricity bill.
We are working to make Éco Sinopé available
in all regions of North America.
Aren’t a Hydro-Québec customer but are interested in enjoying
the benefits of Éco Sinopé? Let us know!
takes care of everything
Éco Sinopé offers 4 options tailored to your needs and allowing you
to generate significant savings. Once Éco Sinopé is activated and your option
selected, we’ll take care of the rest. Enjoy your rewards!
The cold-sensitive

For the blankets and woolen socks lovers who have an interest in savings

The balanced

For the person who wants harmony between comfort and savings

The adventurer

For the thoughtful person who wants to optimize its energy consumption during peak periods and save money.

The daredevil

For the one ready to jump without a net to maximize its savings

A complete ecosystem
designed in Canada
From smart thermostats to smart plugs, Sinopé offers a wide variety
of connected devices that help you control your energy consumption.
Smart thermostats
for all heating systems
Stylish switches
and dimmers to match
your decor
Load controller to reduce
the energy consumption
of your energy-intensive appliances
Smart plugs and electrical
outlets, your allies to avoid
energy leaks
Get the right information

See your energy consumption and savings in real-time
for each connected device.

Only use the electricity needed!

Geofencing, automations, schedules, scenes, and many other features are available with the Neviweb app to help you manage your electricity demand and reduce your bill.

Put your energy at the right place

Save time by programming all your smart devices using one app and enjoy the comfort you dreamed of at home.

Products designed to optimize your savings at all times.

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To get maximum savings, users must be subscribed to Hydro-Québec Rate Flex D or Winter Credit Option.
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Not a Hydro-Québec customer and want to subscribe to
Éco Sinopé ?

Please answer the following questions about your location and power utility provider. Our dedicated team will get hold of them to activate Éco Sinopé with their specific requirements.

1- What country do you live in ?

2- What is your state or province?

3- What is your zip code?

4- What is the name of your electricity provider?

5- What is the average cost of your electricity per kWh?

6-Does your electricity rate vary depending on the time of the day or consumption level?

7-What is the email address related to your Neviweb account?

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Get 15% off
the smart electrical load controller.*

Reduce your energy consumption by remotely controlling your pool’s filtration and water heater.

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*Offer valid from July 19 to July 26, 2021, at 3:00 A.M. EST.

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