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Peak Rewards

Sinopé smart thermostat for floor heating

Peak Rewards
Program - Sinopé
Home Energy

Sinopé thermostat on wall - Peak Rewards
If you already have an eligible Sinopé smart home energy control device installed in your home, then we need your help. We’re looking for customers to join the Peak Rewards program.
Sinopé thermostat on wall - Peak Rewards

How the program works

How the program works

Just like when cars are bumper-to-bumper on the highway during a rush-hour commute to work, our electricity systemalso experiences peak times. These peak times often occur on cold winter nights when everyone turns on their heat and on hot summer days when air conditioning peaks. With your help, we’re hoping to reduce electricity usage during these peak periods.
During the year, we’ll remotely adjust your Sinopé devices during select peak time events. Peak times will last for no more than four consecutive hours. You may opt out at any time during the event. You will always have complete override control of your devices. At the end of each season, you can receive up to $100 just for participating with Sinopé devices.

What to expect during a peak time event

You don’t need to do anything but sign up through the Neviweb app and choose a profile. We will remotely adjust your Sinopé devices by turning off the load controller during peak time or lowering the temperature setpoint according to the selected profile. An event will last no longer than four consecutive hours. You can opt out of an event at any time by clicking any button on your devices. You will have full override control of the device at all times. A peak event may occur at any time, depending on the weather and conditions on the grid.

Earn up to $100 for participating with Sinopé devices

You could receive up to $100 per year for participating in the program as follows:

Sinopé smart load controllers elegible for the BC Hydro Peak Rewards Program

Receive a $50 reward for your Sinopé load controllers.

RM3500WF Wi-Fi water heater controller

Winter season (November 1st, 2024 – March 31, 2025)Click here for more information about BC Hydro’s Peak Rewards program and the terms and conditions.

Who can qualify?

To qualify for the Peak Rewards program, customers must:

Be the BC Hydro account holder and the owner of your residence. Tenants may participate with consent from the owner.
Live in a single-family house/townhouse
Have an electric water heater and/or baseboard heaters
Have an eligible Sinopé device that is connected to the Internet via your own Internet service

How to apply?

The Neviweb app makes it easy to enroll your devices for the Peak Rewards program and helps reduce electricity usage during these peak periods.

Access your Neviweb account and click on the Éco Sinopé tile
Neviweb dashboard
Choose Peak Rewards, complete the required information, and review and accept the program’s terms and conditions.