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Join Hydro One’s energy
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Smart line voltage thermostat - 3000 W - Sinopé

Home energy

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If you already have eligible Sinopé thermostats installed in your home or would like to upgrade to smart thermostats, we need your help. Hydro One invites its residential customers to participate in a new way to use smart thermostats in order to optimize energy consumption. Make a difference and receive an e-gift card worth up to $75 as a reward.
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How the program works

How the program works

During the winter season, all residents use heating systems simultaneously, leading to energy peaks and overloading the power grid. To address this situation, Hydro One has launched myEnergy Rewards, a program aimed at promoting the use of smart technology to manage energy demand and stabilize the grid during high-demand periods.
Working with Éco Sinopé and the Sinopé smart thermostats, this program automatically reduces energy demand when peak events occur, offering participants the chance to receive a reward for their contribution.

What to expect during a peak time event

A few things you’ll want to know about these events are:

If you already have eligible devices, you only have to sign up through the Neviweb app and choose a profile. Based on your choices, we will remotely adjust the temperature setpoint of your Sinopé devices for a few hours during the events. Events can occur between November and April. There will be no more than 20 events throughout the heating season. Event lengths will vary, from a minimum of one hour to a maximum of four hours. Before a peak event, you will receive a notification by email or SMS and in the Neviweb app notifying you of the upcoming event. When an event is in progress, the thermostat screen and the Neviweb app will display the "éco" logo, indicating that the device is actively participating. You remain in control of your devices and can opt out of an individual event at any time by manually adjusting your thermostats during an event.

Earn $25 per Sinopé
smart thermostat enrolled in the program*

Eligible devices:

TH1123WF and TH1124WF smart thermostats for baseboard heating