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TH1134ZB/HC thermostat and HP6000ZB-GE heat pump interface

Say goodbye to heating while the air conditioning is running. Interlocking baseboard heaters and A/C is now a reality with Sinopé’s new control devices!

An energy bill
that can give you
the chill.

The electricity bill for your clients' rental buildings can be excessive during the mid-season.
Often unconsciously, tenants leave the air conditioning and heating running simultaneously. The two fight each other and as a result, energy is wasted and the electricity bill escalates. This is especially true for electric heating systems since they require one thermostat per room, which increases the chances that they won't all be blocked during mid-season.
Thermostat for interlocking heating and cooling

An innovative
goes beyond

Compatible with 3-wire installations, the TH1134ZB/HC thermostat is the solution for regulating heating and cooling.

It controls both the electric heater and the heat pump Interface (HP6000) connected directly to the heat pump to optimize energy consumption in the room.

The TH1134ZB/HC can also communicate with other Zigbee thermostats in the apartment for total control of all smart devices through the GT130 gateway and automations in the Sinopé Smart Systems platform.

Cool mode activated on the thermostat

For example, if the Cool mode is selected on the thermostat screen, the air conditioning will be turned on and the baseboard heaters in the room will be turned off. To block the heating in the rest of the unit, an automation is required.

Loft interlocking

of heating.

In addition, to reduce the electricity bill, the smart thermostat prioritizes heating through the wall-mounted heat pump rather than the electric baseboard heaters when the outside temperature is not below its efficiency threshold. Practical, isn't it?
Heating activated with the heat pump thanks to the thermostat and the heat pump interface
Display TH1134ZB-HC

High contrast
color display.

Display TH1134ZB-HC
Change the thermostat control mode at your fingertips and view the time, weather and indoor, outdoor, or setpoint temperatures directly on the TH1134ZB/HC's color display. Everything you need to make your life easier!

A simplified

with Sinopé
Smart Systems.

Keep full control of the building remotely with the Sinopé Smart Systems management platform. You will be able to monitor the energy consumption thanks to the optimization tools of the platform and keep your electricity bill under control.

A thermostat
that has it all.

Stylish, efficient, and practical, the TH1134ZB/HC thermostat is an advantageous solution from every point of view. Developed to optimize energy management, this thermostat will surely please tenants thanks to its sophisticated style and ease of use.

The addition of this device in each unit is a guaranteed added value!

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