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Power utilities’ turnkey
solution for demand
response management.

With Éco Sinopé and our demand-response-ready
home energy management ecosystems, we help
power utilities like yours save significant amounts of
megawatts to achieve your goals and relieve pressure
from the grid.

A feature that is already available to your clients.

Éco Sinopé is available to all through Neviweb, a free, intuitive and easy-to-use app that allows the remote control of a great variety of Sinopé smart devices. You only need to set it up with us for your clients and we take care of the rest.

Designed for everyone. Tailored for your needs.

Designed for everyone. Tailored for your needs.

We provide you with the ability to adapt and modify the offered features, customer profiles and timings to meet your specific needs and targets.

Simplicity is key

1Tailor your DR
management system.

Set your objectives, select your targets and let our platform provide advanced peak event management.

Electric in-floor heating thermostat on living room wall

2Select the participating devices.

You can decide to include any or all of Sinopé DR-ready smart devices to generate more significant savings and offer your clients an inclusive smart home experience.

Neviweb app - Thermostat view

3Activate Éco Sinopé for your customers.

Once your customers have installed their smart devices, they activate Éco Sinopé in the Neviweb app. They choose the saving profile that works best for them, for best results and enhanced social acceptability.

Neviweb thermostat device view

4 Balance the peak.

Once the feature is set and ready, Sinopé takes care of adjusting the setpoints of the enrolled devices during the events to balance the peak, save megawatts and avoid system failures.

Control all the loads in the home.

We offer the widest variety of DR-ready smart devices to address the largest loads in the home, as well as those that consumers tend to prioritize. Let your customers enroll their participating Sinopé devices to Éco Sinopé while enjoying a complete smart home experience with other Sinopé smart products.

Éco Sinopé users are thrilled to reduce their energy consumption.

A survey conducted among Éco Sinopé users revealed that:

96% of them were excited or very excited to reduce their energy consumption during peak periods.

77% were satisfied with the savings they earned thanks to their energy consumption reduction efforts.

90% confirmed their satisfaction with the subscription process of the feature.

Beloved smart devices
and app.

Sinopé smart devices, Neviweb app and Éco Sinopé feature
are among consumers’ favourites.

« I subscribed to my power utility’s winter credit, and with the Éco Sinopé feature, I was able to automatically make good savings on my electricity bill, without having to program anything. Thank you, Éco Sinopé. »
- Denis

« I love these thermostats (TH1123ZB). I now have 16 installed at the cottage and at home. They help me greatly to manage my power utility’s peak periods to maximize my savings. »
- David B.

« The RM3500ZB pays for itself thanks to the Éco Sinopé feature. I have subscribed to my power utilities’ dynamic pricing program and installed the device on my water heater. It cuts the power automatically and I don’t even have to think about it nor reduce my use of hot water to save. »
- Stephane H.

Sinopé - Grand prize winner of the Integrated Home Competition 2021
2021 Grand Prize Winner Integrated Home Competition
Sinopé Technologies’ Zigbee and Wi-Fi Home Energy Management Ecosystems were recognized for their outstanding quality and innovative designs exemplifying the four tenets of the competition:

Energy efficiency
Demand flexibility
Consumer amenity

Enable a
stronger grid.
Whether to achieve megawatt saving goals or to avoid power system failures, power utilities turn to Éco Sinopé to help customers drop kilowatts at peak times.
Éco Sinopé is available in all regions of North America.
We work with power utilities all across North America to help reduce energy usage and balance peak demand. Let us help you. Contact us today!

Éco Sinopé for power utilities

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