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Say goodbye to water damage!
The most advanced solution
for protection against
water damage.
Everything’s easier
with Sedna.
The only stand-alone water damage protection system on the market. No control panel, gateway, or subscription required.
Multi-residential and condominiums
Don’t leave anything to chance.
The Sedna Mesh system and its anti‑cascade automation stop water leaks at the source and protect the entire building. All this thanks to a simple and efficient management interface.
Well-planned damage protection.
What if you could plan the protection of your building against water damage while it’s built? Having a Sedna Ready, building is the most logical choice.
Become a Sedna Pro
Become a Sedna Pro.
Install the most effective water damage protection system.
Join the team of Sedna Pro certified resellers and plumbers and enjoy exclusive benefits.
The first smart and stand-alone water damage protection system
designed in Canada.
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