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Say goodbye to water damage!
The most advanced solution
for protection against
water damage.
Everything’s easier
with Sedna.
The only stand-alone water damage protection system on the market. No control panel, gateway, or subscription required.
Multi-residential and condominiums
Don’t leave anything to chance.
The Sedna Mesh system stops water leaks at the source and protects the entire building. All this thanks to a simple and efficient management interface.
Well-planned damage protection.
What if you could plan the protection of your building against water damage while it’s built? Having a Sedna Ready building is the most logical choice.
Become a Sedna Pro
Become a Sedna Pro.
Install the most effective water damage protection system.
Join the team of Sedna Pro certified resellers and plumbers and enjoy exclusive benefits.
The first smart and stand-alone water damage protection system
designed in Canada.