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When you return from your camping trip, we guarantee you a welcoming home


We can’t promise you that the forest will be welcoming during your camping trip. But we do guarantee that your home will be when you return.

Let’s face it, sometimes, you encounter wild animals while camping. Bears, raccoons, moose: rarely do they attack campers, but they can still pay you a surprise visit if you leave food or garbage near your camp. 

So, we can’t assure you that you won’t have an unexpected tête-à-tête during your outing in nature. On the other hand, we guarantee that your return home will be the most welcoming thanks to your Sinopé smart devices. 


The geofencing feature is the best option to maximize your comfort based on your presence at home. You will be able to set your location to home or away automatically by using the location of your mobile device to detect when you leave the defined area and send instructions to your devices.


For example, you might decide here to lower the temperature setting on all your thermostats and turn off your lights when you leave a predetermined perimeter and turn them back on when you cross that same limit upon your return. If you’re going away for a few days, you could even turn off your pool heater and your home water heater to save as much money as possible, while ensuring that these two energy-intensive appliances automatically turn back on thanks to the load controller.  You’ll be sure to come home to a warm and comfortable house while saving money on your electricity bill.

National Camping Month :

While you’re camping …we help protect your home from thieves

We won’t stop raccoons from stealing all your camping food. But we will help protect your home from thieves.


Indeed, in addition to helping you save money and prevent water damage, Sinopé’s connected devices can help you protect your home from intruders. Our smart dimmers, switches and outlets are your best allies here. 

In fact, lighting has an important role to play in simulating a presence when you are away from home for a long period of time. As GardaWorld states, “Thieves want to be as inconspicuous as possible, and if a target doesn’t offer a concealing environment, they may well move on. To that end, install lights to illuminate the house, particularly entryways.”

Thus, it is possible to install our switches and dimmers in different rooms to control the house lights remotely or with pre-programmed automations. Also, by connecting some of your table lamps to our wall outlets, you could turn them on and off with your mobile device from anywhere, at any time.


To simulate a presence with lighting, the best solution is to program automations in the Neviweb app.

Time automations

On one hand, time automations allow you to trigger the actions of several devices at once based on the time and day selected. You could therefore create an automation group called “Holidays” and gather your various time automations created specifically for the duration of your stay.

Sunrise/sunset automations

On the other hand, sunrise/sunset automations could also be used to turn on your outdoor lights a few minutes after sunset. Illuminating certain key areas could discourage undesired guests from loitering around your home when you are away camping.


Additional Smart Tip

Whatever automations you create, be sure to program a slight delay between the switches of different rooms. This way, the illusion of a person or a family going about their business will be perfect.

Lastly, when you return from vacation, you can simply pause the automations rather than delete them. This way, the automations will already be set up and ready to be reactivated for your next vacation.


National Camping Month :

While you’re preparing for your camping trip…Sinopé helps you save

June is National camping month. The call of the wild is there, and you are daydreaming about the best #vanlife that you could live. Owning the RV adventure life has a cost and comes to one who knows best how to save.

Lucky you, Sinopé smart devices are here to help you save all year long. 


Here come the savings

Sinopé thermostats can help you reduce your electricity bill. Whether you heat with electric baseboard heaters, a furnace or floor heating: you can use only the energy you need to avoid wasting energy and reduce your heating costs. The money saved in this way can be used for another purpose, such as carrying out a project that you cherish.

Thanks to Sinopé thermostats’ multiple smart features, you can automatically reduce the set temperature of your heating devices when leaving home, sleeping, or in unused rooms without losing comfort.

If you only use the energy that you need, it will show on your electricity bill. This is all the more true since heating and air conditioning represent the largest segment of electricity costs, accounting for nearly 54% of the annual bill.

Smart thermostats have the advantage of being more intuitive and easier to use. As a bonus, since they automate set temperatures in many ways, they ensure a return to a properly heated home while optimizing energy savings.

For even more savings this summer

On another note, the smart electrical load controller automates the savings related to the use of your swimming pool and your outdoor installations which are energy-intensive during the summer season. This ultra-versatile tech gadget is available at little cost. This is a must-have in the backyard of your home.

Energy saving load controllers for pool and spa

In addition, you could connect the electrical load controller to your water heater to substantially reduce your water heating costs, whether at home or at the cottage.

The Éco Sinopé feature

Éco Sinopé is a free feature that provides the ability to take full advantage of your power utility’s dynamic pricing program. Thus, with each peak event generated by your electricity provider, you can improve your energy savings. At the end of winter, these cumulative savings translate into more money in your pocket to accomplish your projects.


Moreover, according to our most recent user survey, the Éco Sinopé feature has been more efficient and profitable than the alternative put forward by the Hydro-Québec subsidiary. Stay tuned! The survey results will be shared with you in a future article on this blog.

Reduce your home insurance premium too

The Sedna smart water damage protection system could also save you a few hundred dollars a year. Indeed, insurers are fond of this type of protection system, which cuts off the main water supply automatically as soon as a leak is detected. Many of them offer annual percentage or dollar discounts to reward their customers who use such devices.

Qualified as a highly recommendable choice by La Presse, the Sedna system “stands out for the quality, the competitive price and the attention to detail” of each of the products.

Thanks to Sinopé products, you can accumulate savings and, over time, achieve your projects, big and small…like the purchase of that RV you covet so much.

National Camping Month :

Sedna by Sinopé keeps water damage at bay

June is #NationalCampingMonth. Whether you are preparing for your stay or on the edge of hitting the road, we wish you a lot of pleasure and fun. May the flies leave you alone. And despite our incapacity to provide you with flawless style, we promise no water will lay on your tiles.

At home, naturally.


The reason is simple. Thanks to the smart water damage protection system called Sedna by Sinopé, your home protection is guaranteed.

You only need to install the Sedna valve – and the flow sensor, why not – on your main water inlet and position water leak detectors near locations at risk.

Water damage has been the number one cause of home insurance claims for the past ten years.

A leaky appliance (washing machine, dishwasher, water heater, etc.), a faucet left open or damaged pipes are common examples that can cause massive damage to your property.

You will be avoiding all that nightmare if you equip your home with a smart water damage protection system. 1) The water leak detector senses a leak; 2) the valve closes the main water inlet and; 3) you will instantly receive a notification on your smartphone.


And thanks to the flow sensor, you will track abnormal flows and avoid water damage that may originate in the walls or ceilings. 

It’s that simple! 

Sedna will provide you with peace of mind as you can be sure you will not have two feet of water – or two feet in the water – when coming back from your camping trip. 

The Sedna5 starter kit, including a Sedna valve and five smart water leak detectors, is available at an unbeatable price. Order quickly before your camping neighbours empty our stock!

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