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Would you buy a product without seeing it first? 

So why would you buy smart devices without a tour of the app that will allow their control? Because let’s face it: smart devices – of any kind – are mainly controlled remotely using your mobile device. That’s why it’s so important to look at the app that will become your best friend.

What is the Neviweb app?

The Neviweb application is developed by Sinopé Technologies, a company specialized in the creation of smart devices that is also the most important Canadian manufacturer for the residential and multi-residential sectors for these kinds of products.

Sinopé Technologies has a complete team dedicated to programming and improving the various control platforms designed for consumers, property managers or electricity suppliers.

Neviweb is the “consumer” application that allows the management of a wide variety of devices, including thermostats, switches and dimmers and water damage protection systems. Only Sinopé brand products are compatible with this platform.

Neviweb is the perfect solution to harness the full potential of your smart home. Available in the App Store and on Google Play, it allows you to control all your Sinopé connected devices with its many features. 

Neviweb App Icon
logo de Google Play

Every application has its strength

The variety of apps for controlling smart devices is phenomenal. This comprehensive offer can seem confusing and complex. 

Therefore, take the time to check out the various apps for the devices you want in the App Store and on Google Play before you buy a smart device. 

You don’t need to download an app or create an account for a preview, as screenshots are available on the various stores.

Apps for controlling smart devices are very different from one another, and each has its strengths.

Neviweb, for example, focuses on two areas: energy efficiency and accessibility.

Energy efficiency in Neviweb

Energy efficiency in Neviweb translates into a myriad of options and features, such as detailed consumption graphs and every possible option, to help you optimize your electricity usage for all your smart devices. 

Most apps offer consumption graphs for only a few devices, such as thermostats.

However, Neviweb offers the ability to follow in real-time the energy consumption of the heating, the lighting, the domestic or pool water heater, and all the appliances, big and small, that are found in homes and condominiums.

This information is beneficial and relevant to help you consume better and reduce your electricity bill.

Accessibility in Neviweb

Accessibility, on the other hand, translates into the ease of use of this intuitive application. 

There is a common misconception that smart devices are complicated tech gadgets meant for a specific audience already comfortable with technology.

Our app debunks this persistent myth. In addition to its ease of use, Neviweb provides a step-by-step guide to connect the devices. 

Moreover, the user can activate the tooltip feature so that each field or feature displays a description and explains how it works. It is also possible to choose the fonts’ and icons’ size to simplify the reading.These details seem trivial, but very few companies provide such information within the application and instead require the user to go to another site to obtain the information when it is available.

Finally, Neviweb stands out with a unique feature: all the application content is available online too. Indeed, by visiting, you will be able to log into your account and control your smart devices on a computer screen.

The only feature that will not be available in this format is geofencing. Only the mobile device can provide the data related to the geographical position to activate location-related instructions.

A wide range of features

The Neviweb application includes a great variety of features tailored to each device. 

These features vary depending on the nature of the product (thermostat, switch, smart valve, in-wall outlet or else) and the communication protocol chosen (Wi-Fi or Zigbee).

However, regardless of the name of the functionality or the nature of the product, know that they can all:

1 - Trigger setpoints according to your geographical position thanks to geofencing

geofencing in the neviweb app
Enjoy better energy savings and tailored comfort with geofencing.

Geofencing allows actions to be triggered based on your location. This feature uses your mobile device’s position to detect when you leave the selected perimeter and send instructions to your devices to optimize your energy consumption based on your actual lifestyle. 

For example, depending on the parameters you have determined, you can, for example, lower the set temperature of all your thermostats when you are 5 km from your house.

2 - Trigger setpoints based on time and sunrise/sunset using schedules (Wi-Fi devices) and automations (Zigbee devices)

For Wi-Fi and Mi-Wi Legacy devices, time-related programming in Neviweb is simply called “schedules”. You can program different schedules for each day of the week for a precise comfort that represents your habits.

Want to create schedules? Here are the steps to follow. 

For Zigbee devices, it is called time and sunrise/sunset automations. It is possible to create an unlimited number of automations, and they can easily be deactivated without being deleted. 

You could create a summer and a winter schedule for the same room and simply activate the automation according to the season. 

schedule for Wi-Fi devices in Neviweb
Program different schedules for each day of the week, up to 8 periods per day.

3 - Execute voice commands (thanks to Alexa, Siri, and Google Home)

Neviweb is compatible with the most popular voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant.

You can authorize a voice assistant to access your Neviweb account to have the ability to control your devices with your voice and unlock the full potential of the app. Therefore, you could ask Alexa to turn on the heat, dim the lights or start a scene without touching anything!

4 - Provide consumption graphs

The Neviweb application allows you to consult the consumption graph for your entire house or for each device individually. Two types of consumption graphs are available in Neviweb: the energy consumption graph and the water consumption graph. The latter is provided using the flow sensor associated with the Sedna smart valve.

Energy consumption is displayed in dollars ($) and kilowatt-hours (kWh) for 48-hour, 30-day and 24-month periods. 

The water consumption graph shows water usage in litres (L) for the same period.

To learn more about the consumption graphs, click here

See your consumption and savings in real-time with the detailed graphs available in Neviweb.

In addition to these four basic features, many others enhance the user experience of Neviweb.

Automations allow your devices to interact

Neviweb allows the creation of several types of automations for Zigbee devices.

Coordinate all the actions of your smart devices (lighting, heating, appliance control) with the automations.

In addition to time-related automations, it is possible to create device and water detection automations.

In both cases, one would choose the event (a single or double click on a Sinopé switch or dimmer) and the following action.

Thus, it is possible to decide that a double click on a switch in the kitchen will generate actions on thermostats, on other switches or dimmers, smart plugs and even the Sedna valve installed on the main water inlet.

For the water detection automations, it works the same way: the detection of water will trigger a series of actions for all the Sinopé devices installed at home.

Therefore, it is possible to limit leaks by connecting the dishwasher or the washing machine to Sinopé smart plugs to automatically cut the electrical supply as soon as a leak is detected.

These automations are so easy to create that you can’t do without them! Here are other ideas of automation that simplify life.

Scenes turn your phone into a remote control

When you want to change the status of several devices simultaneously, the easiest way to do this is to create a scene. Instead of adjusting your devices’ status one by one in Neviweb, you just have to configure grouped actions in scenes and that’s it!

With scenes, all you have to do is press a button in the app to get the perfect lighting for a dinner with friends, a romantic evening or your next set of Instagram photos.

Here are some handy scene ideas for any occasion. 

Good to know
Scenes are the only programmings in Neviweb that are saved within the cloud. All others are saved directly in the products (for Wi-Fi devices) or in the gateway (for Zigbee devices) for unparalleled stability and flawless operation at all times. This means that even without Internet access, your devices will execute the commands you have previously assigned to them.

scene in the neviweb app
Activate personalized ambiances according to the time of day, the occasion or the activity thanks to the scenes.

The timer that turns off after a given time

The timer concept is far from being new or exclusive to smart devices.

However, it is an essential functionality for many electronic devices, and that’s why some of the Sinopé products also offer the possibility to turn off after a given time.

This is the case of switches, dimmers, and the smart electrical load controller. 

The advantage of the timer in this context is that it is disarmingly easy to set up. Because often, in a simply programmable product, you set the timer and then over time, you forget how to change it to reflect the actual usage. 

In Neviweb, it is easy to adjust the timer no matter where you are.

It can be helpful for turning off lights in rooms where you tend to forget about them or blocking the electric vehicle’s charging after 12 hours.

The timer is also great for turning off the lights in your closets and walk-ins. 

Another advantage of this feature is the wide variety of length options available compared to what is available for electronic products that aren’t smart. Indeed, Sinopé products equipped with a timer offer far more options ranging from a few minutes to several hours. This makes Sinopé products very interesting in more contexts.

Éco Sinopé for the best energy savings

Éco Sinopé on the Neviweb app
With Éco Sinopé, you maximize your savings and keep full control of your devices, all without commitment.

The Neviweb app offers the Éco Sinopé feature, which allows you to take full advantage of your power utility’s dynamic pricing program. You will be able to easily reduce your energy consumption during peak events and, by the same token, your electricity bill. Éco Sinopé offers 4 profiles adapted to your needs, allowing you to generate great savings.

Once the functionality is programmed, Sinopé takes care of automating the setpoints of your participating devices during peak events, according to the selected profile. You just have to take advantage of your savings. Nothing could be easier!

Neviweb offers you several bonuses that are extra

Managing multiple locations in the same account

A location is an entire network of devices for a given area, such as home, cottage, condo, or office. The Neviweb app allows you to manage multiple locations in a single account. You can refer to this page for more information on adding or editing a location and how to switch from one location to another in the app. 

A simplified classification to help you find your way around

It is possible to have an overview of your devices in the app, notably through classification by room or by type of device, plus a tab showing all the connected devices. 

You can also regroup your automations to find all the actions programmed for specific devices in one place.

Push notifications

You can choose to receive push notifications on your smartphone to get the various communications related to your Sinopé devices. For example, you could receive low battery alerts, water detection alerts or a notification indicating the beginning and the end of a peak event with Éco Sinopé.

Refer to this article to learn how to enable push notifications in Neviweb. 

Notifications history

It is now possible to view the history of received notifications directly in the Neviweb app. To access it, just click on the bell icon at the top right of the dashboard as in the image below.

The conclusion

Apps for controlling smart devices differ from each other. The Neviweb app focuses on energy savings, energy efficiency and ease of use for comfort optimization. It offers simplified management for your entire connected home.

A key advantage of Neviweb is also the dynamism of its programming teams. Our application is continuously improved and updated. So don’t be surprised to benefit from even more functionalities and stay tuned for the new features

39 responses to “Welcome to the Neviweb app!”

  1. Dave Murphy says:

    Hi, I am using four TH1124WF thermostats in a baseboard heating situation. I am very happy with the ability to remotely control from across the country.

    BUT, as for history, I’m searching for a history of temperature in my areas. The cost factors are less important to me.

    Is there temperature history?


    • anabelle.poissant says:

      Hi Dave,

      Thank you for your question! You should be able to see the outside temperature in your consumption graphs (the grey line). You can click on the column to see more information about your consumption and the oustide temperature for a specific day. Otherwise, we do not provide other temperature history.

      If you have any question or if you need more assistance, we invite you to contact our support team by email at or by phone at 1-855-741-7701.

      The Sinopé Team

  2. Ron Wiebe says:

    I have a VA4220WF water control valve and 8 leak detectors.
    I recently bought 3 – Smart plug – Zigbee AC plugs so that i can shut off the AC power to my Dishwasher, Clothes washer and water heater if a leak occurs.

    I can find no way to do this even though you clearly sate in your info that I should be able to do this.
    I quote ” Note: When connected only to the Sedna Wi-Fi valve (2nd generation), the smart plug does not offer all these features. It will still be able to be turned ON or OFF in the Neviweb app, and it will also be able to be closed to automatically turn off the power supply of the smart outlets connected to it as soon as a leak is detected.”

    Whats the process to get this to work for me.


    • anabelle.poissant says:

      Hi Ron,

      Thank you for your question! Yes, you can use the smart plug with the valve to shut off the power of some appliances. Here’s how to do so:
      1. Press one time on the B button on the smart valve.
      2. Hold the button on the smart plug. Release when the LED flashes red.

      If it’s stil not working after these steps, please contact our support team by email at or by phone at 1-855-741-7701.

      The Sinopé Team

  3. Jeff says:

    Will the TH1123ZB Smart Themostats work with an Amazon Echo Plus ?(2nd generation)

    I can’t find any reference to compatibility between the two, however the Echo Plus does have a built-in hub with Zigbee 3.0.

    I would like to use the :
    Echo Plus
    Neviweb App

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Bogdan says:

    The mobile app was a great step forward, personally I find it much more user friendly that web browser on mobile device.

    Alexa integration is another great improvement!

    Do you have any plans for the Apple HomeKit integration? Perhaps an easy win would be your own plug-in for the HomeBridge? This would give you an idea home many people with Apple HomeKit are actually interested in your products and waiting for this compatibility.

    • Valérie Sinopé says:

      Hi Bogdan,
      Thank you for your great comment!
      We are actually developing a new family of products compatible with Apple Homekit. Our first product will be launch in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

      The Sinopé Team

  5. Brett F says:

    What about this idea: Having a “rental” login for the app and to my account, which would allow my guests to use the app to control the thermostats from their phones? You would get more app downloads, more opportunities for non-customers to see your products, and I get to provide my guests with a cool tool to use while they are there.

    You would want to restrict the access or make it to where the main account restricts to their liking. I probably say you guys restrict it for us. Maybe, allow them to even change the schedules, but I can revert back to my settings when they leave?

    Sinope has saved me tons on my electric bill each month. So glad I decided to give it a try!

    • Valérie Sinopé says:

      Hi Brett,
      We are glad to know you appreciate our devices!

      Thank you for your suggestion! Many projects are underway at Sinopé Technologies. We are working on developing a multi-user mode, which will allow you to share your Neviweb account. With this mode, you could be the main user and share a few functionalities with your tenants. We are also developing a building management platform that will allow you to control more than 2 locations and share functions with your guests.

      Have a nice day,
      The Sinopé team

  6. Trevor Nightingale says:

    Bonjour, I have a Sinope 125 gateway with older style thermostats which are no longer available. I want to add more thermostats. Do I need to purchase a 130 gateway? If so will this be compatible with my existing thermostats?

    • Valérie Sinopé says:

      Hi Trevor,
      Thank you for your question! Which type of thermostat do you need and how many?
      The Sinopé team

  7. Eva says:

    Where do I change the per kWh cost?

    • Isabelle Sinopé says:

      Hi Eva,
      You can change your kWh cost in your location settings.
      In the location screen, long-press your location icon. The modify location will appear.
      You can then enter your kWh Cost in cents.
      Thank you,
      The Sinopé Team

  8. Mike says:

    Hi, seems like a good product.

    Can the thermostat be controlled remotely (web or app) without the smartthings hub?

    (I use both GA and Alexa, IFTTT, Yonomi, and a wink 2 hub if that can help…)

    • Isabelle Sinopé says:

      Hi Mike,

      In order to control the Zigbee thermostats remotely, you will have to use one of these gateways: Sinopé GT130, SmartThings or Hubitat. Wi-Fi thermostats do not require a gateway.
      Thank you,
      The Sinopé Team

  9. Gauthier GARNIER says:

    Is the Google Home integration through Samsung Smarthings documented here still working?

  10. Robert Glover says:

    Ya have Google Home Assistant on the box, this is why I purchased it. DOES NeviWeb work with Google or not? need to know before it’s too long for me to return the thermostats and gateway.

    I’ve read and Google Home is says NeviWeb can be integrated but it doesn’t link the account

    Any reason why?

    I will be returning my items by the end of the week if I don’t get a reply

    • Isabelle Sinopé says:

      Hi Robert,
      Only the Zigbee and Wi-Fi products are compatible with Google Assistant.
      The Web Programmable products are only compatible with Amazon Alexa.
      If you need help with products please contact our customer support at
      We will gladly help you with any issues that you have with our products.
      THe Sinopé Team

  11. Mike says:

    For some strange reason the mode (manual, automatic, standby) is not shown on my thermostat. I also cannot find where I can set a schedule for it. I am using the new GT130 gateway with TH1123ZB thermostat. App version 1.4.2-7, thermostat software version 0.6.0, hardware version 2. Any ideas?

  12. David Lewis says:

    I’m a bit confused… On the Add Devices menu in Google Home, Neviweb is listed as a compatible linked service. Is there any intergration between your thermostats and Google Home through Neviweb… or is it only for other devices, such as light switches?

    • Isabelle Sinopé says:

      Hi David,
      The Zigbee compatible products are now listed in the Google Home app.
      Unfortunately, the Web Programmables Devices are not compatible with Google Home.

      Thank you,

      The Sinopé Team

  13. more info, software 1.3.1
    hardware version 0
    manufacture code 1120

    • Isabelle Sinopé says:

      Hi John,

      Please contact our support department team at this number : 1 855 741-7701
      Your devices would probably need a firmware upgrade to access this function.

      Thank you!

  14. my access shows only manual and automatic, there is no standby option. is there a update that i need? My neviweb shows version 1.2.8-10, please this would be a great feature if i could access

  15. reading the instructions they list that line control thermostats can be bypass(shut off the heater) as the min setting on these is 5 deg c. These are at a cabin were we shut it down for the winter. I can find were to shut it down(bypass) the only options is home and away. I have to shut the breakers to kill the power to these thermostats.
    Any thoughts were to look for this. Is it on the web site or is this a app control.

    • Isabelle Sinopé says:

      Hi John,
      You can access the Standby mode from your Device in Neviweb.
      This will prevent any schedule from running.
      Standby mode

      Thank you!