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Our top 4 favourite smart devices for a wonderful summer


Summer is definitely here, and many will enjoy the sunny season outside in the backyard. Well, if that’s also your case, we thought of you with this top selection of fantastic devices that will add some smartness to your comfort. That will certainly help reduce your summer energy bill too.

1. Reduce your energy bill with the electrical load controller

The smart electrical load controller by Sinopé gives you remote control over your pool equipment to reduce your energy bill.

The smart electrical load controller allows the remote control of any energy-intensive appliance such as water heaters, EV recharges or pool pumps. You could actually generate great savings by connecting the load controller to your outdoor equipment. As reported by some utilities, your pool and your hot tub could represent up to 70% of your summer energy bill. Getting better control over your energy-intensive appliances could actually pay off! 

The electrical load controller must be connected to the GT130 gateway to unleash its full potential. Benefit from its many cool features through the Neviweb app: activate timers to turn off the connected device after some time or turn on the control lock to prevent a device from being manually turned on or off. Its compatibility with home automations platforms like SmartThings, Hubitat or Neviweb, and with Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice assistants, will undoubtedly please everyone.

*Indoor installation recommended. It is possible to install the device outdoor in a waterproof case.

Advice: Connect the smart load controller to your pool pump and turn it off using your smartphone for some peace and quiet during mealtime.

2. Create personalized ambiance with our lighting devices

The Sinopé switch and dimmer allow you to remotely control your outdoor lights. They’re perfect to set the right mood for memorable moments with friends and family on the patio.

When connected to the GT130 gateway and used with Neviweb, the smart dimmer and light switch can be programmed for various occasions using the scenes feature. You can also see real-time energy used through our detailed charts.

Dim, nuance, and control lighting using the Sinopé smart dimmer.

Advice: Create an automation with your smart switch to turn on or off the ceiling fan with just a double-click. Get some fresh air upon your arrival home or simply by controlling the fan remotely.

3. Connect the smart plug in a breeze

Move the smart plug around the house from season to season and get the most out of this versatile product.

With the smart plug, it’s a breeze to create a breeze. Connect your fan, and there you go: air in the hair, you’re fresher than ever. And you just had to use either geofencing, automation or scenes! Connect any small appliance to the smart plug and have it turn on/off ahead of time. Think about this freshly-brewed coffee you could drink in the morning without lifting a finger…

When connected to the GT130 gateway and used with Neviweb, possibilities are infinite. You can have appliances turn off automatically when you leave home or turn on based on a set schedule.

Advice: Phantom loads are scary: they raise your energy bill without you noticing. This happens every time you leave a device in sleep mode. Take charge and get rid of it with the smart plug.

4. Protect your home from water damage with Sedna

Sedna is the best solution to protect your home from water damage. Whether you’re out visiting friends or enjoying a staycation at the cottage, the smart valve and water leak detectors offer 24/7 protection and let you know as soon as water is detected. Your system automatically closes the main water inlet to prevent the leak from causing damage. 

Get peace of mind this summer, and all year round, with Sedna. For more protection, add accessories to your Sedna system, like the flow sensor that detects invisible leaks or the secondary valve to control a second water inlet.

The Sedna starter kit includes 1 smart self-closing valve and 5 ultra-precise water leak detectors. All you need to prevent water damage in your home.

Advice: Add lithium batteries to your Sedna valve to ensure ongoing protection even during a power outage and get up to 48 hours of autonomy.

Here’s our last piece of advice for the perfect summer: go out, enjoy the sun, and keep in touch with your smart home, thanks to Sinopé!

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Get 15% off
the smart electrical load controller.*

Reduce your energy consumption by remotely controlling your pool’s filtration and water heater.

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*Offer valid from July 19 to July 26, 2021, at 3:00 A.M. EST.