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Need more protection?
No worries!

Evolve your Sedna system as you see fit. You can add up to 20 detectors and connected accessories to your Sedna valve. Enough to give you the most efficient and complete water damage protection system available on the market.

Connected accessories for the Sedna smart water valve
Sedna Wi-Fi valve with secondary valve

2 water inlets?
No problem!

The secondary valve is perfect if you have an independent hot water inlet. It remains at the main valve’s beck and call at all times and will automatically close if a leak is detected.

Catches leaks invisible to the naked eye.

The flow sensor detects invisible* leaks that can occur when pipes break in walls and ceilings. An essential ally for your Sedna smart water valve.
Flow sensor for Sedna smart water valve by Sinopé
Multi-controller MC3100ZB by Sinopé

Alert your security system company.

Sinopé’s multi-controller bridges the gap between your water damage protection system and your alarm system. Your security company is notified as soon as the leak is detected and can therefore intervene even faster.

A simple double-click and the valve closes.

A simple double-click and the valve closes.

Control your main water inlet opening and closing with a simple double-click on the Sinopé’s smart light switches and dimmers. You can also view the valve’s status directly on these devices.**
Close the Sedna valve with the SW2500ZB switch from Sinopé

Avoid major leaks.

To prevent major leaks, connect the washer to the smart plug to automatically turn off its power supply as soon as a leak is detected.
SP2600ZB - Smart plug - Sinopé Technologies
Sedna smart water valve and SInopé load controller

Minimize damages.

Connect your water valve to your load controller to shut off the connected devices’ power supply when the valve is closed, thus minimizing damage.
**The flow sensor detects abnormal flow rates of 2L/min (¾ inch version) and 4L/min (1 inch version).
** Coming soon.