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Don’t leave anything to chance.

Sedna is the solution for detecting leaks and preventing costly water damages.

Mesh water damage protection system

Sedna watches over your building 24/7.

The smart system works continuously and reports on the network’s status through the Sinopé Smart Systems platform.

Water leak protection system management platform for buildings
Sinopé’s water leak detectors monitor leaks at all times.
They quickly warn you when risk of frost, low-batteries, or water is detected.
Water leak detector - condominium buildings

Before the leak causes damage.

Detectors react, on contact, with as little as 0.4 mm of water, emit an audible alarm and instantly send a closing message to the valve.

Detects frost hazard.

You receive an email and push notification as soon as a detector senses that the temperature drops to 5 °C to prevent potential pipe burst and water damage caused by frost.

No sooner detected, valve closed!

As soon as a water leak is detected, the signal is sent to the Sedna valve, triggering the automatic closure of the water inlet. An alert is sent by email and push notification indicating the leak’s location and confirming that everything is under control.

Stops water leaks at the source.

The Sedna smart water valve and water leak detectors stop the problem at the source and provide extra protection at all times. With high-quality materials ensuring durability and resistance, their unique design makes them the best allies in preventing water damage.
Sedna Mesh smart valve with water leak detectors
Sedna Mesh system for buildings by Sinope

the key to stability.

The Sedna Mesh Wi-Fi technology developed by Sinopé allows all valves to communicate with each other and with the GT4220WF-M gateway to provide increased protection and seamless signal repetition throughout the building.
Inside each of the housing units, leak detectors and other water detection devices constantly communicate with the valve and trigger its closing as soon as a water leak is detected. Your belongings are protected.
Water detectors communicate with the Sedna valve by Sinopé
Water leakage protection system management platform for buildings

Simplified management
with Sinopé Smart Systems.

With the Sinopé Smart Systems integrated management platform, you have access to a powerful interface allowing you to manage and control all the devices in the building.

No need for a control panel.

The Sedna water damage protection system is 100% stand-alone and protects your belongings at all times, wherever you are.

The most complete system on the market.

Upgrade your Sedna system as you see fit. You can add up to 20 detectors and smart devices to your Sedna valve. It gives you the most efficient and complete water damage protection system on the market.

Worry-free deployment.

Sinopé's team of experts works with you to find the optimal configuration that meets your actual needs. Custom systems are pre-programmed at the factory to ensure quick and efficient deployment while considering the residents’ time constraints.

Experts at your service.

Need information or a presentation? Please fill out the form or contact us by phone. One of the experts from our pan-Canadian team will get back to you as soon as possible.