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Sinopé Smart Systems

A powerful and intuitive interface allowing full monitoring and control of the entire building.

Water leak protection system management platform for buildings

Centralized management of multiple units.

Sinopé Smart Systems allows you to manage all water damage protection systems using a single interface.
Receive push notification warnings when water or frost risk is detected and view the system's status and each of its components with the centralized management platform. Everything for simplified control of your building!
Sinopé Smart Systems
Anti-cascade protection - Sinopé Smart Systems


Is the water leak coming from the floor above? Thanks to the anti-cascade automation, Sinopé Smart Systems will close the valve of the affected unit and up to 3 additional valves in neighboring units to stop the leak and prevent damage. *

See important information at a glance.

Thanks to the intuitive dashboard, you quickly have access to an overview of the building, including the valves' open state, water detection devices, and more.
Sinopé Smart Systems
Sinopé Smart Systems

Accurate and detailed
maintenance alerts
and reports.

Detailed alerts allow you to identify the source of the leak, so you can act faster and avoid the worst.
Maintenance reports give you an overview of devices requiring special attention, such as battery replacement.
Sinopé Smart Systems

A robust and safe system.

Sinopé Smart Systems management platform is highly secure thanks to its encrypted cloud-based server. You can rest assured that the information will remain protected at all times.

A user-friendly
app for unit
owners and

With the Neviweb app, unit owners and residents can not only see the status of their water protection system and receive alerts. They can also control other Sinopé home automation devices in one platform.
Neviweb - Sedna valve control
Experts at
your service.
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* Feature available soon.