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Water Leak Protection Survey

Survey: Insurers and protection against water damage

Water Leak Protection Survey

67% of insurers that give rebates to their clients approve of Sedna


Many companies offer rebates to their clients when their home is equipped with a water damage protection system. At Sinopé, we wondered, just like you, ‘‘could the Sedna system be eligible to home insurers rebate programs?’’

We did the test.

And the results were impressive. It looks like 67% of insurers who give rebates to homeowners equipped with a water damage protection system also consider and approve of the Sedna system.

Among the companies surveyed are big names – Desjardins Home Insurance, La Personnelle, SSQ Insurance, Promutuel Assurance, PMT Roy, Co-Operators, Wawanesa Insurance, and La Capitale Insurance and Financial Services.

From 4% to 15% off your home insurance

Rebates range from 4% to 15% depending on the company and apply annually. This means that year after year, as long as the water damage protection system is installed, the rebate applies. No need to tell you that at a price of $449,95 for a ¾-in smart valve and 5 water leak detectors, the Sedna5 system practically pays for itself.

Among the 15 companies surveyed, 12 offered a rebate and 8 of them recognize the system designed by Canadian company Sinopé Technologies. The four other companies already had exclusivity partnerships that kept them from applying discounts for Sedna.

Industrial Alliance and TD Insurance didn’t offer rebates at all but suggested they may at some point, someday. The person we spoke with at Aviva couldn’t confirm whether or not having a water damage protection system at home had an impact at all on the insurance cost, but he implied that their quote system could consider such information when processing the quote.


Water Damage Protection System: Peace of Mind



An easy to achieve peace of mind

The simple fact of owning a water damage protection system at home brings peace of mind. Knowing that water detected automatically triggers the closing of the main water inlet is reassuring in itself. Why? Because it’s easy to leave home while the dishwasher is on or having a washing cycle started, and because water damage is never a pleasant surprise.

But if besides, you can save on your yearly insurance premium, it’s another excellent reason to equip your home with a reliable and stand-alone water leak protection system that won’t cost you any monthly fees.

It’s a win-win situation. You protect your most significant investment (house, condo, cottage, etc.) and you use a smart device that pays for itself.

Do you know other insurers that approve of Sedna? Let us know!

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Survey methodology

In September 2018, we identified the most popular insurance companies in Quebec as stated by Protégez-Vous.

We then did what one does when the time comes to renew the home insurance: we picked up the phone and made phone calls. We spoke to all of them, on by one, playing secret shoppers. Each time, we requested full quotes based on standard home criteria and asked specific questions on their systems recognition, restrictions, etc. We even sometimes asked for e-mail confirmations to validate received information.

The result obtained was as follows: 11/15 companies applied rebates to customers equipped with a water leak protection system. Seven insurers out of the 11 approved of the automatic shut off system designed by Sinopé Technologies.

In January 2019, one company revised its position (La Capitale Insurance and Financial Services) raising the initial numbers to 8 out of 12.

Of note, some insurers require a specific number of sensors (ex: 5) whereas other companies ask for proof of installation (invoice) or an installation confirmation provided by a certified installer. Most of them allowed the best rebates – or exclusively gave their discounts – for automatic water shut-off systems. Such a system is characterized by the fact that water detection automatically triggers the closure of the main water inlet valve.

Many other insurance companies may approve of Sedna.

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