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Flow sensor


Flow sensor

The flow sensor, a new essential ally for your Sedna smart water valve*.

Starting at $40.99
Sedna flow sensor by Sinopé

Catches leaks invisible to the naked eye.

Connect the flow sensor to your Sedna smart water valve* to detect invisible leaks and abnormal flow rates that can occur when pipes break in walls and ceilings.

Prevent potential damage.

With the Neviweb app**, you can choose to immediately close the main water valve or be notified when the flow sensor detects a leak or abnormal flow. If no action is taken after receiving such an alert, the valve will close to prevent potential damage.

Moreover, Neviweb allows you to see your water consumption in real time thanks to the consumption graphs.

Closed valve in the Neviweb app

Avoid the worst scenario.

Broken pipes in walls and ceilings can bring disastrous consequences: high repair costs, mold growth, loss of belongings… Avoid the worst by adding the flow sensor to your Sedna valve!!

Sedna flow sensor by Sinopé

A foolproof design.

Made from high-quality stainless steel, the flow sensor demonstrates strength and durability. It is the perfect accessory to protect you from significant leaks.

The simplest installation.

Install the flow sensor directly on your Sedna valve or just before and downstream of the water inlet valve. Then, plug the sensor into the valve, and you're done!

Sedna smart water valve with flow sensor - PEX ready
*The flow sensor is only compatible with 2nd generation Sedna valves.
The flow sensor is designed to be installed only with NPT valves and not PEX valves.
**The flow sensor is only compatible with the Neviweb app.