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Control small appliances and ambiance lights

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Smart plug – Zigbee

The essential complement of any smart home

Turn on and turn off all your small appliances

  • Set time automations

    Pour the coffee or start the kettle on weekdays.

  • Use geolocation

    Automatically turn off the appliances you tend to forget when leaving the house.

  • Use your favorite voice assistants

    Ask Alexa or the Google Assistant to turn on or turn off the devices connected to the smart plug

  • Create device automations

    Link outdoor or decorative lights to your other smart devices to trigger actions instantly.

Smart plug – Zigbee

Discover the Neviweb environment


Optimize your energy efficiency

Turn off devices and avoid energy leaks

  • Quick and easy use

    A plug-and-play device that you can use within minutes.

  • Monitor your energy consumption

    Track your daily, weekly, and monthly energy consumption in real-time with consumption graphs.

  • Reduce the electricity bill

    Turn off electronic devices and avoid phantom power that boosts your electricity bill.

  • Works with Neviweb

    Control the entire smart home in a unique environment that harnesses the full potential of your devices.

Smart plug – Zigbee

The Sinopé Smart home

Simple, accessible, and evolving

The Sinopé Smart home

Simple, accessible, and evolving


Height: 4.11 cm (1.62 in)

Lenght: 8.60 cm (3.37 in)

Depth: 3.68 cm (1.44 in)



Incandescent: 960 W

Resistive: 1800 W

Electronic ballast: 500VA

Motor: 0.5 HP

Compatible platforms

  • Compatible with :

    • Neviweb*
    • Sedna Wi-Fi valve (2nd gen.)
    • Google Assistant*
    • Amazon Alexa*
    • SmartThings*
    • Hubitat*

    *Requires the GT130 gateway



    • Control, monitor, and quickly program devices connected to the smart plug wherever you are
    • Works with Neviweb and SmartThings home automation platforms
    • Works with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant
    • Trigger actions by moving away from or approaching the house with geofencing
    • Create automations that starts at a certain time, on certain days
    • Use automations to coordinate actions with your different smart devices
    • Integrate the smart plug into your scenes for perfect ambiances
    • See real-time energy consumption of the devices connected to the smart plug with daily, weekly, and monthly consumption graphs


    These features are available in Neviweb and require the GT130 hub. Features may vary from a platform to another.

    Note: When connected only to the Sedna Wi-Fi valve (2nd generation), the smart plug does not offer all these features. It will still be able to be turned ON or OFF in the Neviweb app, and it will also be able to be closed to automatically turn off the power supply of the smart outlets connected to it as soon as a leak is detected.

Connectivity requirements


  • GT130 gateway, a compatible Zigbee hub or the Sedna Wi-Fi valve (2nd gen.)
  • Smartphone or tablet
  • Neviweb available on the App Store and Google Play store

Operating voltage

AC 120 V 60 Hz

Maximum load

120V - 15A


Operation: 0 °C to 40 °C (32 °F to 104 °F)

Storage: -20 °C to 50 °C (-4 °F to 122 °F)


Conforms to UL 60730-1/CSA E60730-l


Indoor installation only


Zigbee profile HA 1.2
Frequency: 2.4 GHz
Transmission power: +8 dBm


3-years limited warranty

In the box

  • SP2600ZB Zigbee smart plug
  • Installation guide – English version
  • Installation guide – French version


North American