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Welcome to the Neviweb app!

New look, new features

That’s it! The Neviweb app is now available on the App Store and the Google Play store for all users of Web Programmable devices.

The team worked for months to develop a user experience that is even more performant. The app has a new fresh look and many new features.

This announcement is the first phase of the app. We’re already working on new features, but we’re saving the surprise for later!


How do I transition from my account to the app?

Do you already have a Neviweb account? Download the app and enter your account connection information used with All your devices and their programming are already there, waiting for you.




What if I want to keep using

You can! Users of Web Programmable devices can use both the app and simultaneously. As you already know, the Sinopé Zigbee devices will also be compatible with Neviweb once the GT130 gateway is available.

Why are we keeping the Website? Many of you liked to control their devices on PC to see their energy consumption graphics or to manage a large number of smart devices. That is why we decided to kee it.


Neviweb app:  what’s new


New logo, new look

We’ve renewed the environment, but kept the ease of use that users love. Some features names changed to reflect consumers’ reality:

  • Networks are now Locations

  • Scenes are now Automations


The app has Favorite Devices and Favorite Scenes sections so you can quickly access to devices and scenes from the homepage.


Works with Amazon Alexa

You can now ask Alexa to raise the temperature, dim the lights, or start a scene.


Scenes: reviewed and improved

With this update, the meaning of scenes changed, and we added automations.

  • The scenes
    Using the scenes, users can now apply a set of commands to many devices and start the scene by only pressing a button (the scene) in the app. All Web Programmable devices are compatible with that feature.


  • The automations
    The automations allow a physical interaction between light switches, dimmers, and electrical load controllers. You select the event and the action it will trigger. For instance, if you click twice on a light switch, it will then turn on all backyard appliances.


Fun  fact

The scenes are the only programmings saved in the cloud. Everything else, like the schedules and the automations, is saved in the device for unmatched stability.


Device classification by room and by type

Devices can now be grouped by room or by type to facilitate management.


Energy consumption graphics

You can now see total energy usage for an entire location at once. Energy consumption is available in dollars, in kilowatt-hour, and percentage of use for all devices individually too. The data is presented for 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days.

This highly precise tool helps you better understand energy consumption and helps you adapt your habits accordingly for significant energy savings.

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