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Smart dimmer 600 W – Zigbee

Soften the light. Nuance the ambiance. Control your home.

It’s the smart dimmer that gives you more.

  • Coordinate the actions of all your devices together

    Press the dimmer switch to soften the light, set the temperature, or turn on lamps that are connected to smart plugs.

  • Works with your favorite voice assistants

    Ask Alexa or the Google Assistant to turn on the Movie night scene or to dim the lights at 60%.

  • Welcome home!

    Turn on geofencing for your home to light up upon your arrival.

  • All your preferred scenes at your fingertips

    Create scenes for each activity and trigger them with a simple touch.

Smart dimmer 600 W – Zigbee

Discover the Neviweb environment


A versatile, stylish, and smart dimmer

That plays well with each room and décor

  • Chase the monsters under the bed, or sleep tight

    Select the intensity of LED on the dimmer from 0 to 100% for a night light in the kids’ bedroom or total darkness for light sleepers.

  • Reliability like never before

    Even when the Internet is down, your smart lighting will still work as it should.

  • Never forget the lights anymore

    Activate the timer and select light duration from minutes to hours. With Sinopé, it’s a child’s play.

  • LED, CFL, incandescent, halogen

    Control and dim remotely all the main lighting types

Smart dimmer 600 W – Zigbee

The Sinopé Smart home

Simple, accessible, and evolving

The Sinopé Smart home

Simple, accessible, and evolving

Remote access requires a permanent Internet connection and a Zigbee-compatible hub. These features are available in Neviweb and require the GT130 hub. Features may vary from a platform to another. Wall plate not included. Dimmer installation requires a neutral wire.


Height: 10.41 cm (4.1 in)

Width: 4.37 cm (1.72 in)

Depth: 2.98 cm (1.18 in)


The Zigbee smart dimmer – 600 W can control the following types of lighting:

  • Dimmable light-emitting diode (LED)
  • Compact fluorescent lamp (CFL)
  • Halogen lighting
  • Incandescent lighting

* Simple installation (3 or 4 wires). Neutral wire required.