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multi-residential buildings

The Sinopé solutions

Keep full control of your
building and benefit from
a simplified management.

Smart, secure and
profitable building!

Sinopé Technologies offers many integrated solutions to control and protect your buildings, in addition to reducing their energy costs. From water damage protection systems, to heating, and lighting, Sinopé devices will meet your needs no matter the size of your project.

We create complete and customized ecosystems that can make your entire building smart with high quality devices.

Smart, secure and
profitable building!







Water damage
protection solution

Discover the Sedna Mesh system, the most advanced and complete water damage protection solution. This 100% stand-alone system detects leaks, stops the problem at the source and provides increased protection for your building. With its mesh network, it offers a high degree of stability to cover the high-risk areas of all housing units.

Sedna protects your building 24/7 and informs the manager of the network status through the Sinopé Smart Systems platform. Be notified as soon as a leak is detected!

Energy solution

Sinopé devices add value to commercial and condominium building owners and can make a project smart and energy efficient. Whether it is for the entire building and its common areas or only for one condo unit, Sinopé offers many solutions to optimize energy management and reduce the electricity bill.

Benefits for all.
Modulation of heating devices, HVAC interlocking, lighting control and many other control options are offered. Sinopé devices will please both owners and tenants with their sophisticated style and ease of use.

Sinopé Smart Systems
Centralized and simplified management

Sinopé Smart Systems is a powerful interface allowing monitoring and total control of multiple buildings. This platform allows the managers to control the smart devices’ energy consumption settings and those related to the water damage protection systems of all the units in a single place.

Highly secure, it also offers managers peace of mind thanks to its encrypted server.

Endless possibilities

Do you have a specific project? Our multidisciplinary team works with you to create a custom ecosystem that meets your real needs. From ideation to integration and programming, we will accompany you throughout the creation of a solution that is tailored to your project and to ensure effective deployment.

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Our projects
Many owners, contractors and condominium corporations trust our expertise and our systems to protect and control their buildings. Discover some of the buildings that have chosen Sinopé's solutions for their project.
Name: Le James - Cité urbaine
Location: Laval, QC
Number of units: 239