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The ABC of outstanding outdoor lighting

Your home is magnificent. It is your cocoon. Your haven. When it was built, the exterior lighting was designed to be both functional and to enhance it. However, when badly programmed, the most beautiful floor lamps and the best pot lights lose all their charm. And yet, it’s child’s play. Here’s how!

Assign the right schedule

During the day, your outdoor lights should be turned off as unnecessary. In addition, it adds to your kilowatt-hour consumption, even though lighting only represents between 5 and 10% of a household’s energy consumption.

Scheduling is the key to ensuring your outdoor lights are turned on at the right time.

These schedules should align with 1) the time changes that occur twice a year, 2) the daylight, which fluctuates by a couple of minutes daily, and 3) the type of routine that varies between the working week and the weekend.

Good news: the Neviweb application allows you to program smart devices for the right lighting and automatically adjust to time changes and daylight.

Do you need the inspiration to create the right programs? Here is an example of what you could create at home:

Lighting schedule for weekdays


  • On: time automation AND the addition of a condition: if it is night
  • Off: sunrise/sunset automation with a delay of – 15 minutes*


  • On: sunrise/sunset automation with a delay of + 15 minutes *
  • Off: time automation with fixed time (ex: 10:00 p.m.)


Lighting schedule for the week-end

Morning: maintain the same programmings as for the weekdays


  • On: sunrise/sunset automation with a delay of + 15 minutes*
  • Off: time automation with fixed time (ex: 00:00 p.m.)

* The delay added here is arbitrary and may vary from one household to another depending on the screens of vegetation that can shade the house. Indeed, the gleams of the sun begin to dawn before sunrise and disappear after sunset. However, if your house is surrounded by vegetation, you may need to add a negative or positive delay to sunrise and sunset times for adequate outdoor lighting.

Boost functional lighting

Functional lighting has a role of efficiency, comfort and safety, while architectural lighting enhances the space and serves an aesthetic purpose.

Exterior lighting can play this dual role, serve the occupants’ needs, and enhance the building. However, lighting needs may vary whether or not you are at home.

The lighting will certainly be brighter and more comprehensive if you are at home. In addition to the front of your home, you can light the front or back door of the garage and the various entrances to the house and the backyard in summer.

In your absence, you should maintain minimal lighting located on the front to maintain the aesthetic look.

To take advantage of both types of lighting, you can create two types of programming based on a presence condition (home/away).

Thus, to the programming carried out previously, simply add the condition “If I am present” or “If I am absent” in Neviweb to improve the functional lighting when you are at the location that must be lit.

For the presence conditions to be executed, consider activating geofencing beforehand.

Control for better ambiances

Finally, to successfully complete the ABCs of well-programmed lighting, consider improving the control of your smart devices through scenes, for example.

Scenes make it possible to change the state of several devices simultaneously, on demand. These aim to create timely atmospheres according to the current activity and are activated from the Neviweb app by pressing the previously created button.

Creating a scene in 3 easy steps in the Neviweb application is possible. To speed up activation, add your scenes to Favorites.

In summer, a typical scene could bring together decorative outdoor lighting elements, such as garlands of lights, pool lighting or the lamppost of the pool shed.

The conclusion

Well-programmed outdoor lighting is safe, practical, functional and aesthetic. In short, when the programming is done and saved in the Neviweb app, you no longer need to worry about it. It’s up to you to enjoy such simplicity!

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