New programmable thermostat for electric heating with Web interface

The technology is now available to consumers with an electric heating system!

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, October 27th 2014: Sinopé Technologies, manufacturer of electronic control products is proud to launch today, the first electronic programmable thermostat with wireless communication for electric heating systems (baseboard and fan-forced convector).

Accessible through the Web, users can now communicate with their TH1120RF-3000 thermostats at any time via the www.neviweb.com, in order to program or make changes to their setpoint, even while traveling. Whether it’s from a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer, it is now possible for consumers with an electric heating system to control their thermostats remotely.

Below are some benefits and possibilities that the TH1120RF-3000 offers consumers:

Reinvented programming: The new neviweb platform offers a simplified and user-friendly programming for the user, allowing to copy programs and assigning them to other thermostats in its network in a few seconds. Neviweb takes care of synchronizing the time of the thermostats. No need to worry about time changes. No loss of programming.

Analysis tool: Neviweb allows users to analyze their heating costs through historical energy consumption.   Whether it’s to analyze the heating costs of its entire home or for each room, the user can generate graphics for a period of 24 hours or 30 days.

Extended communication range: Thanks to the “mesh” network topology, each thermostat acts as a relay if the emitted signal is too weak. The user does not need to add a repeater to its wireless network to ensure communication.

Zero emission: Once installed, the TH1120RF-3000 thermostats are essentially in reception mode and do not emit any radio frequency signals except when the user communicates with them through neviweb.

Technical specifications: 3000 W max. @ 240 Vac / 1500 W max. @ 120 Vac / 12.5 A (0.5 A min.)

The programmable electronic thermostat (TH1120RF-3000) and the Starter kit (GT125-K2) which includes 2 TH1120RF-3000 and a Web interface are now available online at www.sinopetech.com and any Rona big-box stores. These models are covered by a 3-year warranty.

Additional information about these new products are available on our Web site at www.sinopetech.com. To discover all the possibilities that neviweb offers, visit demo.neviweb.com.

For more information regarding this press release, communicate with:

Sinopé Technologies Inc.

Maryse Simoneau



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