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Tank level monitor

Never run out of propane or fuel again!

Only $189.99

Tank level monitor LM4110-ZB
LM4110-ZB smart tank level monitor on propane tank with R3D gauge

Avoid unpleasant surprises.

Remotely check the propane or fuel level in your tank

Vertical propane tank with an R3D gauge

Horizontal propane tank

Fuel oil / biodiesel / heating oil tank*

Neviweb - tank level monitor screen

For an even more complete ecosystem.

A compact and efficient device for a more pleasant daily life

Allows you to see the fuel level in percentage in the Neviweb app

Designed for residential and commercial propane and fuel oil tanks

Low maintenance required

Can be installed indoors or outdoors

Disarmingly simple

Attach the monitor to the tank with the strong magnet base, a screw, or a clamp, and you're done!**

Tank level monitor LM4110-ZB on propane tank with R3D gauge
Tank level monitor LM4110-ZB

You can count on it.

Never run out of propane or fuel for your stove, fireplace, heating system or pool heater again with the tank level monitor!*

Tank level monitor LM4110-ZB on fuel tank
Tank level monitor LM4110-ZB on fuel tank

Two of a kind

Combined with the Sinopé fuel level remote gauge, this smart device also monitors fuel oil, biodiesel, and water tank levels.

Built to last

The monitor is designed with quality weatherproof materials, allowing it to operate in temperatures ranging from -40 °C to 50 °C.

Low maintenance

The tank monitor requires only 3 AA lithium batteries, which last up to 10 years, depending on usage.***

So once installed, you don't have to touch it anymore!

Lithium batteries in tank level monitor LM4110-ZB

Your home, your ecosystem.

The Zigbee tank monitor easily integrates with your current ecosystem for simple, one-stop control with the Neviweb app.

Dashboard of the Neviweb app

Unleash the full potential of your tank level monitor with the Neviweb app.

Dashboard of the Neviweb app

All the information you need is gathered in one turnkey app.

Propane/fuel level reading

Fuel consumption reports

Battery level

Neviweb - tank level monitor screen

Information at your fingertips

See the remaining amount of propane or fuel (%) in real-time in the Neviweb app so you never run out again! ****

Stay informed

Be notified when the tank level drops below a preset percentage and receive a notification that your supplier has come to fill your tank!

One look is all it takes

Check out the Neviweb app to quickly see the status of the included batteries in your tank monitor or to scan reports to see your propane or fuel consumption.

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*The tank monitor cannot be used to monitor a fuel tank.

**Installation of the tank monitor also requires a compatible R3D gauge. Tank gauges, not R3D-ready, can be upgraded to a compatible R3D gauge (check with the supplier).

***The batteries must be installed at a minimum distance of 3 meters (10 feet) from the propane tank.

****The reading is taken every 10 minutes.