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Water leak detector with perimeter cable


Water leak detector with perimeter cable

The optimal solution to
detect water leaks in
the smallest of corners.

Only $122.99

A great ally for water
leak detection.

The detector with perimeter cable works
tirelessly to catch the smallest water
leaks and to detect risks of frost.

The perimeter cable goes anywhere:
place it under your dishwasher or your
washing machine, unroll it along a wall,
or install it near your sump pump to
prevent water damage.

Water damage prevention:
a team effort by

The detector with perimeter cable teams up with
other Sinopé water detection devices to ensure
your property and investment are protected at all times.

With up to 10 years* of battery life thanks to the
lithium batteries, you can leave the detectors at
their posts without fear. They're always on the
lookout and detect even the smallest puddle on contact. This is what thoughtful design is all about.


Designed for seamless

With a length of 7' (2.2 m), the perimeter
cable is highly resistant to corrosion and
abrasion thanks to its conductive polymer composition.

It is ideal to cover the circumference of your
Iwater heater or even to wrap around your
pipes to detect leaks in every corner of your home.

A device that's worth it.

Water damage can lead to many inconveniences,
dboth monetary and physical: mold, property loss,
health problems, etc.

Add the water leak detector with perimeter cable
to your Sedna system to maximize protection and avoid the worst.


Need protection for a
larger area ?
No problem !

Plug two perimeter cables end-to-end to
cover a larger area and double the
protected surface. It's that easy!

Compatible with your favorite platforms.

Connect your detector with perimeter cable to any of these
platforms and enjoy easy control.

Identify the source of
the damage on the

Name each detector in Neviweb to know the source of the leak as soon as it is detected.***
The detectors also emit an audible alarm to inform you of the presence of a water leak, a risk of frost or when the batteries are low. You will be able to quickly identify any potential damage.

*The battery life of the detectors depends on the type of batteries used and the device to which they are connected.
Battery life is calculated based on optimal operating conditions and may vary slightly.
Lithium batteries are preferred for longer battery life.

** Requires a Sinopé smart water valve or GT130 gateway or compatible Zigbee system, a permanent Internet
connection and the Neviweb app available on the App Store and the Google Play Store.

***Important: The perimeter cable can only be connected to the 2.1 version or newer of the water leak detectors.
Therefore, it is not possible to replace the sensor of your detector with the perimeter cable unless you have version 2.1 or more recent of the WL4200S detector.

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