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24/7 protection against water leaks.
Install Sedna in your home to say goodbye to water damage.
Water damage protection kit
The complete protection solution for your home.
Starting at $469.99
Water damage
protection kit
A truly smart
water shut-off valve.
100% stand-alone, the Sedna Wi-Fi valve doesn’t require a gateway or control panel.
As the nerve center of your protection system, it receives water alerts from the detectors and reacts within seconds to close your home’s water inlet. You then receive a notification confirming that everything is under control. With Sedna, peace of mind is guaranteed!
Up to 20 water detectors that monitor leaks at
all times.
Elegant, versatile, and ultra-precise water leak detectors slip discreetly into all high-risk areas and blend in with your decor.
With a 10-year battery life*, you can leave the detectors at their posts with confidence. They keep a constant watch and detect the smallest puddle of water on contact. That's what well-thought design is all about.
An easy-to-use app with customized alerts and actions.
Closed valve in the Neviweb app
Closed valve in the Neviweb app
Intuitive and user-friendly, the Neviweb app gives you total control over your water protection system.
Open and close your Sedna valve as you please, decide which sensors will shut it off if water is detected, and monitor the status of your protection system from your favorite mobile device.
Neviweb notifies you by email and push notification as soon as a leak is detected and the valve is closed. Simple, you say!
Need more protection?
No problem!
Elevate your Sedna system as you see fit. You can add up to 20 detectors and connected accessories to your Sedna valve. Enough to give you the most efficient and complete water damage protection system available on the market.
What happens in the event of a power outage?
You can sleep soundly. By adding lithium batteries to your Sedna valve, it will continue to watch over your belongings during a power outage for up to 48 hours.
The detectors communicate in a closed circuit with the valve even without an Internet connection** and emit an audible alarm to locate the leak easily. And that’s it!
Control the valve’s opening and closing with your voice
Just ask your favorite vocal assistant.
Disarmingly simple installation.
The Sedna valve connects directly to your main water inlet. A PEX version of the ball valve is also available to facilitate its integration with your plumbing system.
Position it horizontally, vertically, or sideways. Its manual opening and closing controls will therefore remain accessible at all times.
A protection system integrated into your smart home.
The Sedna water damage protection system works in symbiosis with the Sinopé ecosystem. All facets of your smart home can be controlled with the Neviweb app, accessible from your mobile device and your computer. Controlling your home has never been so easy.
Designed and tested
in Canada
Sinopé’s engineers and designers teams work tirelessly to offer you a complete and aesthetics protection system. Each product is tested before it leaves the factory for optimal quality control.