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The perfect balance between energy savings and comfort

Selecting a thermostat
is now
easier than ever!

Find the right thermostat for your heating

system in one place.

Electric heating thermostats

Sinopé offers you the widest range of thermostats for electric heating.



Electric baseboards
Fan-forced convectors
Radiant ceiling heating

Electric floor heating thermostats

For soothing heat at every step.

Heating cables
Heating cable mats

Low voltage thermostats

Absolute comfort and best energy savings.

Hydronic floor heating
Baseboard heaters activated by a mechanical or electronic relay
Fan-forced convectors
(activated by a relay)
Hydronic heating systems
(without fan control)
Electric floor heating
(activated by a relay)
TH1134ZB/HC smart thermostat for line voltage

Heating and cooling line voltage thermostat

Control your electric heating and your ductless heat pump with one thermostat*.

Fan-forced convectors
Radiant ceiling heating
Ductless heat pumps
*Sinopé interface for ductless heat pump required
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The ultimate control of your heating from anywhere at any time.