How can I restore the presence of one of my devices on my Neviweb account if it doesn’t appear in the list of my connected devices?

Affected products

DM2500RF, GT125, GT125-K2, RM3200RF, RM3250RF, SW2500RF, TH1120RF-3000, TH1120RF-4000, TH1121RF-3000, TH1121RF-4000, TH1300RF, TH1400RF, TH1500RF

If one of your Neviweb compatible devices is no longer displayed in the list of your connected devices, verify if your device is indeed connected to the network. A code should be displayed on the screen of your thermostat – refer to that code in the Q&A section of our website.

If the problem persists, contact our customer service by filling this form or by phone: 1-855-741-7701.