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Moving 101

How to transfer my Sedna system to the new homeowner?


You have installed a Sedna system at home. But you’re already moving? How lucky is the new homeowner! He will be able to lower his insurance premiums just like you if you install a Sedna system in your new home.

But eh! You need to leave the system to the new owner so he can too receive the alerts and control his valve and water leak detectors remotely.


Here are the simple steps to follow:


1. Connect to your Sinope Water Leak Protection account.




2. In the Location, open the parameters of the valve.





3. Press Delete this device and confirm the suppression.




4. Lastly, send an email to our technical support service with the following information:

  1. Object: Name of the account owner – Moving
  2. Body of the email:
    • The email address of the account owner
    • Name given to the location
    • First name and last name of the account owner
    • Quantity of valves and water leak detectors


❗Wait for the confirmation email from the technical support service before linking the Sedna system to a new account. Once you receive the confirmation, you can follow the regular installation steps.


Don’t forget to leave some information to the new user who will now be a proud owner of Sedna, the smart water damage protection system.

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