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Have you met Sedna, the smartest and most affordable water protection system?


Sedna is the homeowners’ new best friend. She watches over your house, your condo and your belongings. She makes sure no faucet if left leaking and no burst pipe is damaging your precious memories or your greatest investment.


Sedna, the newbie in the Sinopé family

It’s also the very first smart and stand-alone water protection system designed in Canada. We say it is stand-alone because once installed, Sedna requires no more attention. She keeps an eye open 24/7. Without any intermediary, phone center or management fees.[1]


It’s quick, easy and efficient.

As soon as one of the smart water leak detectors senses water, the valve shuts off the main water supply, with or without an Internet connection and even during a power outage. An alert is instantly sent by e-mail or SMS informing the user of the location of the leak and confirming that everything is under control. In addition, the valve is equipped with a double power source, including an emergency one (batteries), to ensure the system works at all times.

Users are also informed of frost risks that can lead to broken pipes and when the devices’ batteries are low.

Thanks to the free Sinope Water Leak Protection app available in the App Store and Google Play, consumers can see their connected devices in addition to opening and closing their valve remotely. 


Sinope Water Leak Protection App - Sinopé Technologies

Connected devices are featured in the Sinope Water Leak Protection app available in the App Store and Google Play.


The starting kit named Sedna5 includes one smart valve (3/4 or 1 inch) and five smart water leak detectors. Until now, it is the most affordable smart water leak protection system available on the market.

And because all locations aren’t the same, we made two different types of water leak detectors – the Sedna D and the Sedna DS. The first one is sleek and made for common uses. The second one is equipped with a 4-feet sensor for all those hard-to-reach places in your house, like behind the dishwasher or the washing machine.


Sinope's water detectors protect you from water damages


Cutting-edge technology

Sedna features two technical innovations. The hub built into the valve rather than being separate provides more reliability. One less device also facilitates the installation of the system and contributes to reducing its cost.

Lastly, the valve works under two communication protocols, Wi-Fi et Zigbee, which allows it to be integrated into an existing smart home system.


Professional platform available

Sinopé Technologies also has a professional platform designed for managers and condo owners allowing them to control many Sedna water protection systems from only one management platform. For more information about it, connect with us!


[1] The professional platform designed for managers can be associated with charges.

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