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Maximize your smart dimmers and light switches this summer!


The days are getting longer, the outings are multiplying, and the routine is slightly turned upside down. This is often what happens when the summer season begins. To help you make the most out of it, here are some life hacks to optimize the use of your Sinopé lighting devices for a successful summer.

1. Turning on the ceiling fan for a bit of freshness

True or false? A ceiling fan does not refresh the air. 


Fans do not cool a room; they cool the people in it. On the other hand, leaving the fan on at all times could heat the space since its motor emits heat. 

Our advice to stay cool all summer long? Control your fan using a smart light switch and program a timer so it automatically turns off after a set period, and you don’t leave it on all day by accident.

To program the timer, open your device’s settings in the Neviweb app and select the timer’s duration. 

2. Create personalized ambiances

Sinopé smart dimmers and light switches are your must-haves to create personalized ambiances at all times. 

First, they allow you to remotely control outdoor lighting – no need to get up to turn on or dim lights if you are sipping your pina colada past dusk on your beautiful patio.

Also, these smart lighting devices give you the ability to trigger scenes or automations to obtain the perfect ambiance in a single action.


What’s more, our new smart adaptive phase dimmer goes one step further regarding lighting preciseness. Thanks to its reverse phase, it provides more compatibility with bulb types and offers the very best lighting performance with LED lighting. And since the users can determine the minimum lighting intensity, it eliminates sizzling noises or light flickering that sometimes happen with regular dimmer switches.

3. Close your Sedna valve

The Sedna smart valve gives the utmost water damage protection for your home. You can connect wirelessly up to 20 water leak detectors or accessories to the valve for a tailored protection system. The smart dimmer and the light switch are part of the complementary accessories for this device.

Connecting the light switch or dimmer to the valve in the Neviweb app will allow you to open or close the main water inlet with a simple double-click on the lighting device. When leaving home, your closed valve will proactively protect your belongings from potential water damage, thus leading to absolute peace of mind.

You can virtually connect a light switch to the valve so a double-click up will open the main water inlet, and a double-click down will close it, thus protecting your home proactively.  

4. Simulate a presence at home

If you have planned to leave on vacation for a couple of days or weeks, you may want to consider leaving some kind of presence to protect your home from uninvited guests, even if it’s just a simulated presence. Our lighting devices can do that, too.

If you wish to simulate a presence with lighting, the best solution is to program automations in the Neviweb app.

Time automations

On the one hand, time automations allow you to trigger the actions of several devices at once based on the time and day selected. You could therefore create an automation group called “Holidays” and gather your various time automations created specifically for the duration of your stay.

Sunrise/sunset automations

On the other hand, sunrise/sunset automations could also be used to turn on your outdoor lights a few minutes after sunset. Illuminating certain key areas could discourage undesired guests from loitering around your home when you are away camping.

Create sunrise and sunset automation in Neviweb

Additional Smart Tip

Whatever automations you create, be sure to program a slight delay between the switches of different rooms. This way, the illusion of a person or a family going about their business will be perfect.

Lastly, when you return from vacation, you can simply pause the automations rather than delete them. This way, the automations will already be set up and ready to be reactivated for your next vacation.


5. Turn off the pool pump and water heater for a quiet dinner

Suppose your pool pump or water heater is connected to a load controller. In that case, you could easily turn off these energy-intensive appliances by a simple double-click on a light switch or dimmer beside the patio door using device automations. 

You no longer have to endure that disturbing noise at meal times. Now, whether you have your smartphone handy or not, you can enjoy a quiet dinner time in good company.

The conclusion

Sinopé light switches and dimmers will get you the best lighting at all times. And thanks to their many smart features, they can bring comfort, well-being and a touch of simplicity to your lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer. What else can you dream of? 

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