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Éco Sinopé: survey results and news


Are energy savings your main target when using smart devices? If it is your case, you are not alone! The ability to decrease energy usage is a significant advantage of these products. In fact, over 24% of Quebecers buy smart devices for this specific purpose, according to a survey recently conducted by the Académie de Transformation Numérique (ATN).

Using Sinopé smart thermostats could reduce your heating bill by up to 25%. It’s enormous! These savings are made possible by the powerful features and the smart algorithms we use to make our devices even more efficient.

What if you could generate even greater savings?

It is now possible thanks to Éco Sinopé, a unique and exclusive feature offered in the Neviweb app. Following the feature review period, we surveyed users to get their feedback, their suggestions and validate the incredible performance delivered by activating a single feature.

Thank you to all of you who completed the survey. You were many! Here are some highlights that may be of interest to you.

Éco Sinopé’s preliminary version generated massive energy savings.

Pre-launched in winter 2020-2021, Éco Sinopé enabled user-testers to erase an average of 210.33 kWh between December 1, 2020 and March 31, 2021. More than half (51%) of them saved between $50 and $150, and almost 8% saved over $250.

In comparison, according to a report published on their site, Hydro-Québec customers who had subscribed to the winter credit option received an average credit of $40 for the same period.


Reducing the energy bill: the main incentive

Sinope helps reduce your energy bill

Reducing the electricity bill was identified as the main incentive by 76% of participants who activated Éco Sinopé. In contrast, under 20% of respondents said they only wanted to reduce their energy consumption.

You won’t be surprised to learn that the most popular profile during the 2020-2021 heating season was the daredevil, which generates the most aggressive savings with 45% of registrants.

What is the secret behind this profile which suggests lowering the set temperature of the thermostats by 10 ℃? First, you should know that people who choose this option mostly have a backup heating unit at home to maintain the room temperature.

Then, although the set temperature is reduced by 10 degrees, it is rare for the room temperature to drop so much due to a home’s ability to retain heat. Finally, when enabled, the preheat option helps build up heat in the house before the peak event.

To maximize their chances of realizing significant savings, 63% of the participants maintained event management enabled at all times.

Controlling heating and the water tank at all times

During the preliminary phase, users were able to activate Éco Sinopé for a wide variety of thermostats. Indeed, the functionality is compatible with Sinopé and Ouellet-branded thermostats for electric heating, floor heating and low voltage heating.

In addition, users with an electrical load controller connected to their energy-intensive devices were positively surprised by the significant savings generated. As water heating accounts for nearly 20% of the annual electricity bill, the ability to turn off the water heater for a few hours paid off. Users who included their water tank to Éco Sinopé didn’t feel any discomfort since the tank accumulated enough hot water for the required uses.

According to our calculations, people who used an electrical load controller to turn off their hot water tank saved, on average, $149.72. In contrast, those who did not use it saved on average $93.23.

Éco Sinopé: tons of news additions for the 2021-2022 heating season

The reactions we received from the users after the testing phase were very positive. After all, it makes sense: accumulating savings and rewards without effort or discomfort – how can you not be happy?

You guys have shared your wish list with us, and it is with a constantly renewed pleasure that we have incorporated the most promising suggestions. These insightful and constructive comments allowed us to add new features and flesh out functionality.

About 54% of those who took the survey expressed their desire for even more latitude to select the temperature adjustment.

New feature #1

By popular demand, our four profiles – the cold-sensitive, the balanced, the adventurer, and the daredevil – are returning this year. That said, we added a great novelty to the quartet. The user now becomes an “artist” when adjusting the participation level of their devices. This new profile is tailored to suit your lifestyle better. We are convinced it will be very popular.

The artist profile appears when the user selects settings other than those suggested. For example, if you assign different setpoints to each of the thermostats, you will become an artist!


New feature #2

Because each family is different, Éco Sinopé offers more customization options.

Also, more precision is available as the temperature can be selected by 0.5 ℃ at a time. Also,  the morning and evening time slots can now be different and it is possible to activate the preheating, or not. And this is for each device.

What is preheating?

Two hours before the peak event, the setpoint temperature of participating thermostats increases to build up heat and achieve a comfortable temperature during the peak period. Over 73% of users surveyed enjoyed the warm-up period because it kept them comfortable while saving money.

New feature #3

Sinopé Technologies specializes in the design of devices and platforms used to optimize energy management. Therefore, it is natural that we offer the widest variety of devices to reduce your electricity consumption, leading to the most significant savings.

This year, the variety of products compatible with Éco Sinopé is even greater.


Are you looking to activate Éco Sinopé for your thermostats for electric heating, floor heating or low voltage heating, or your water heater or your EV recharge? It is now possible thanks to our wide range of products

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