3 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Smart Thermostat This Year!


The smart thermostat saga has picked up some heat, however, people still face the dilemma of whether investing in smart thermostats is the right decision. This is not something new. Whenever new technologies take over the old ones, there’s some initial hesitation from the general public before it finally becomes a norm. 

If you haven’t jumped on the smart home bandwagon (yet), Sinopé thermostats certainly are a great starting point as these devices are actually an investment.

Here are 3 reasons why you should buy a smart thermostat this year.

1. Energy Savings

One of the main reasons our customers are making the switch to smart thermostats is because of the potential savings that they can offer. A good example would be our electric heating smart thermostats, which can offer up to 25% savings on your heating bills. Of course, this number is based on individual usage. People might be able to save more (or less), but just the idea that a new smart home device can completely pay itself off in a few months is certainly enticing. 

Energy savings

Moreover, reducing your energy consumption by installing smart thermostats also leads to a cleaner and greener planet which is something that our future generations will thank us for. In fact, “smart thermostats protect your environment by using sensors and algorithms that collect and analyze heating and cooling data. Even though you can still adjust the temperature manually, smart thermostats can recall choices and memorize your household’s energy use routine, thus reducing your carbon footprint”, reminds us ClimeSense in an article about How Smart Thermostats Help Our Environment.

If you wisely and regularly use features such as geofencing, schedules or automations, then you’ll see by yourself why smart thermostats are an investment (not an expenditure). 

Let’s continue with our second argument: the wide variety of features.

2. Tons of features

Smart thermostats offer many features designed to improve your comfort, simplify your daily life and help you save money. Let’s take a look at some of our smart thermostat features. 

Starting from something simple and convenient that most non-programmable thermostats don’t offer: showing outside temperature. As simple as it sounds, this is a must-have feature which even most of the smart thermostats in the market don’t provide. You’ll never have to rely on another device to choose your outfit for the day since you’ll have access to the weather at a glance on your thermostat screen. 


Energy consumption graphs

Energy consumption graphs are another great feature available in the Neviweb app. They provide access to consumption data expressed in kilowatt-hours and dollars for 48-hour, 30-day, or 24-month periods. This information is crucial for accurately controlling consumption costs and measuring the results of changes made.

Schedules & Automations

Schedules, available for our Wi-Fi thermostats, enable you to set the temperature of your house according to your lifestyle. You’re going to work from 9-5 PM? Set a schedule wherein the smart thermostat is set at a lower temperature from 9-5 PM, so that you can save more on your heating bills. With Sinopé devices, you can program up to 8 schedules per day, for each day of the week. For their part, our Zigbee thermostats allow you to easily create custom automations based on time, sunrise/sunset, presence, and action.



If you don’t have a strict schedule and therefore love impromptu plans, then you can make use of a feature called geofencing. It is an amazing function that allows actions to be triggered on the basis of your presence. It uses your mobile device’s position to detect when you leave the defined perimeter and send instructions to your devices. Depending on the parameters you have determined, you can, for example, lower the setpoint temperature of all your thermostats when you are 5 km away from your house. You can read more about its benefits here.

Voice assistant and platforms

And of course, if you have a smart speaker, then smart thermostats do offer the convenience to adjust temperatures without even lifting a finger. Feeling too cold in bed? You can connect your thermostats to your favorite voice assistant and simply ask to increase the temperature. Not only this, you can even link your thermostats with other smart home devices to have a holistic smart home ecosystem.

Compatibility with the most popular platforms is also a great advantage of smart thermostats. Our Wi-Fi line can be integrated with SmartThings and Apple HomeKit among others, so you’ll be able to control your devices with the Home app on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. Our Zigbee line can also be added to SmartThings, but also to Hubitat Elevation.


Still not convinced that you should buy a smart thermostat right away? Let’s see if our next point will change that.

3. Rebates And Energy Saving Programs

Each year, more and more commercial and residential buildings are built, increasing the load on provincial energy providers. This also has a negative impact on the country’s overall carbon footprint. That’s why energy providers are now finding ways to reduce the emissions caused by excessive and unnecessary electricity use. One of their solutions is to encourage the purchase of connected devices such as smart thermostats!

During the heating season, a lot of these energy providers are now offering rebates on the purchase of new smart thermostats, both in the United States and in Canada. The BC Hydro Rebate Program, which usually goes on during the month of October, offers a $40 discount (approximately) on the purchase of Sinopé’s smart thermostats. Similarly, Nova Scotia residents qualify for a $25 rebate from Efficiency Nova Scotia when they purchase an eligible Sinopé Smart Thermostat. Some energy providers such as Puget Sound Energy (PSE) offer its customers a $75 rebate for each eligible Sinopé Smart Thermostat purchased.


Another notable example would be our new Éco Sinopé feature, which ties up with electricity suppliers to help reduce energy demand during peak periods and allows consumers to generate savings. According to a survey conducted in May 2021 among Sinopé smart devices owners, 51% of them saved between $50 and $150 on their energy bill, and nearly 8% saved over $250 for the entire winter season.

You didn’t find any rebate in your area? Write to us and our team will get in touch with your power utility!

These three points are great examples of the benefits of buying smart thermostats. When you decide to upgrade your non-programmable thermostats, you don’t need to look anywhere else since we have a wide variety of smart thermostat options – electric heating, floor heating and low voltage – which will fit your homes and your pockets.

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  1. “Many individuals convert to a smart thermostat because they want to save money, helps in saving energy and adjust according to your routine.

    Three reasons to switch are enough, but many you will know when you switch to a smart thermostat. Thank you for sharing the article.”

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