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Interview with Mr. Francis Nadeau, co-owner of Jardins Duplessis Phase III

multilogements Sedna

Over the past decade, water damage has become the number one claim in home insurance. “Every year in Quebec, more than 500 million dollars are paid out to cover such damages. In condominiums, 95% of the claims made by the syndicates are related to water and 60% of the indemnities paid in these cases are related to water.” (Insurance Bureau of Canada, 2016) As a result, it is increasingly common for homeowners or condominium syndicates to purchase a water damage protection system to protect their investment.

With this in mind, Mr. Francis Nadeau, co-owner of the Jardins Duplessis Phase III building, agreed to provide a portrait of the reasons why its condominium corporation decided to install the Sedna water damage protection system in the 38 units of the building.

Tell us more about your multi-unit building.

copropriété Sedna
Jardins Duplessis Phase III, located in Quebec City, has installed Sinopé's Sedna water damage protection system in 2020.

The Jardins Duplessis Phase III includes 38 units and is located in Quebec City. For several years, we have been facing water damage claims, and the damage caused was costly and difficult to manage. Our condominium syndicate decided to look for a solution to solve this problem in the long term and in a definitive way in order to protect our investment.

What was the leading cause of the water damage in your building?

Over the past five years, our building has been the victim of water damage that occurred in different situations. Whether we are talking about equipment or pipe breakage, negligence of certain co-owners, or defective devices, all have led to damage that could have been avoided. In order to increase the protection of our building and prevent potential water damage, we decided to install a water damage protection system.

What was the selection process of the water protection system?

It must be said that before selecting Sinopé’s Sedna water damage protection system, we did a lot of research and studied several options. However, a Sedna system advertisement in a magazine caught our attention. This advertisement highlighted the product’s price-quality ratio, in addition to mentioning its numerous advantages, particularly in terms of flexibility and performance. This is what led us to contact Sinopé Technologies to get more information.

Why did you choose the Sedna water protection system?

As mentioned earlier, the numerous advantages of the product convinced us to choose Sinopé’s water damage protection system over the other brands. One of its benefits is the Sinopé Smart Systems centralized management platform, which allows all water damage protection devices to be monitored and controlled remotely from a single interface. This is very convenient for the building manager as he can see the status of the different systems at any time. The fact that the devices of the system communicate in Zigbee also made us lean towards this product, especially since the Zigbee communication protocol offers greater flexibility and stability.

The Neviweb app, developed by Sinopé, allows the residents to see the status of their system through their mobile devices, to receive alerts in case of water detection, and to control their own Sinopé smart devices through a single app. 

Sinopé smart systems
Sinopé Smart Systems is a powerful and intuitive interface allowing full monitoring and control of the entire building.

Furthermore, during our meeting with the Sinopé Technologies consultant, we immediately understood that we were in good hands. We had the possibility to discuss directly with the manufacturer, and therefore, to eliminate several intermediaries. The manufacturing quality of the valve, the use of lithium batteries for a longer lifespan, and the ingenuity of the Sedna water leak detectors are different elements that facilitated our final choice.

Are you satisfied with the product you selected? Would you recommend the Sedna system?

Since the installation and activation of the water damage protection system in our condominium, we have been able to recognize the performance and effectiveness of the water detection devices. We have received alerts indicating leaks in places we never would have thought of. Thanks to the Sedna system, the valve was closed automatically, and we avoided repair costs. Sinopé’s sales department has been with us since the beginning, from the presentation to the installation, to the programming, and even now to answer our questions.

After a thorough study of the different systems offered on the market, we recommend Sinopé’s Sedna water damage protection system without hesitation, not only for the quality of the product but also for the excellent service offered by the company. All condominium corporations considering the installation of such a system should consider the Sedna system from the Canadian manufacturer Sinopé Technologies. It is an excellent solution to protect your investment!

Sedna Mesh

Sedna Mesh
The Sedna Mesh system is the solution to prevent leaks and protect the assets of all unit owners.

The Jardins Duplessis Phase III condominium is equipped with the Sedna Mesh system: the most robust and reliable solution for multi-unit buildings. The main advantage of this type of system is its mesh network architecture, which offers greater stability. In fact, the Sedna Mesh Wi-Fi technology developed by Sinopé allows all valves to communicate with each other and provides increased protection and seamless signal repetition throughout the building.

In addition to its greater stability, the Sedna Mesh system offers many other benefits, including extended-range network, dynamic communication between smart devices, flexibility, power, and robustness. Another interesting feature is that the Sedna Mesh system operates independently of each of the units’ home Wi-Fi networks to ensure its stability.

More information

For more information about the Sedna water damage protection system, please visit the pages related to this subject on our website or contact us

Insurance Bureau of Canada. (2016, March 8th). Condo et dégâts d’eau. Protégez-vous.

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