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Sinopé Technologies awarded in the Lighting & Homes for Tomorrow competition!

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Sinopé Technologies awarded in the Lighting & Homes for Tomorrow competition!


Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu (QC), December 24, 2020 – Last month, Sinopé Technologies saw its TH1123ZB smart thermostat for electric heating rewarded in the Lighting & Homes for Tomorrow competition. Out of the 44 products in the competition, only 31 were selected to be evaluated by a judges panel. Our TH1123ZB thermostat won first place in the smart thermostats for electric heating category. Sinopé is honored to have received such an award, demonstrating the quality and efficiency of its connected devices for the smart home.

The Lighting & Homes for Tomorrow competition recognizes connected devices that aim to help control energy consumption and offer consumers the opportunity to save on their utility bills. To determine the winners, the judges mainly analyzed the easiness of installation, the performance of the devices as well as the provided user interface. Other criteria were considered, such as functionality, product innovation, value, cost, and the energy and carbon savings the devices generate. All products also had to offer added efficiency value, interoperability, reliability, and simplicity.

Sinopé is proud and happy to be one of the winners of this contest and will continue to innovate in order to remain amongst the largest manufacturers of connected devices in North America!

Smart thermostat for electric heating TH1123ZB

Developed to optimize energy efficiency, the Sinopé smart thermostat for electric heating allows controlling heating through a mobile device. The TH1123ZB thermostat includes several features such as reading in real-time the connected load, customizing minimum and maximum set points temperature, displaying time, indoor and outdoor temperatures on the backlit screen, and more. 

Operating under the Zigbee communication protocol, this thermostat is the most efficient in its category. It is compatible with all major smart home hubs on the market but will deploy all of its functionality when paired with the Sinopé GT130 hub. The Neviweb application harnesses the full potential of your thermostats by creating complex automations and custom scenes. The geofencing feature ensures you are warm when home and save energy when away. 

Since the admission of the TH1123ZB to the Lighting & Homes for Tomorrow competition, Sinopé has launched the Wi-Fi version of the thermostat for electric heating (TH1123WF), which does not require a gateway and offers native Apple HomeKit integration.

The Sinopé smart thermostats for electric heating are compatible with electric baseboards, convectors, fan-forced convectors and radiant ceilings. Moreover, its universal connection feature allows 2, 3, or 4-wire installations to meet all electrical requirements. Our devices are an excellent option if you want to save energy, control your home remotely, and optimize your comfort. Our smart thermostats are compatible with all major voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa!

About Sinopé Technologies Inc.

Founded in 2010, Sinopé Technologies is one of the largest manufacturers of connected devices in North America. With a mission to facilitate energy control and management, the company designs and offers an ecosystem of affordable and accessible smart products that meet the consumers’ real needs. Sinopé’s thermostats, switches, dimmers, water damage protection systems, and other specialized smart devices are gaining popularity in markets across the continent. Sinopé smart devices optimize your comfort and help you reduce your energy bills by allowing you to take full control of your connected home. A leader in energy solutions, the Quebec-based company also offers electrical peak control solutions to dozens of electricity suppliers in Canadian provinces and American states.


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