Bag it up: Dek Hockey

Yannick Roy - Sinopé

Bag it up: Dek Hockey

Scoring goals with Yannick Roy, Electronic technician

In this summer column, Sinopé Technologies offers a view in the world of its team where each member cultivates various interests, but a shared passion for smart home technology. With each article, one sees what’s in the bag and the must-haves for each different activity.


This week, we learn how Electronic technician Yannick Roy scored a goal when he chose dek hockey for a passion.


Deck hockey


Ace of electronics and a fan of technology and connected objects, Yannick Roy has been practicing dek hockey for almost 6 years. He who has many Sinopé smart devices including light switches, thermostats and a load controller at home shares his eagerness for this sport that is becoming increasingly popular.


What is the fuss about dek hockey?

Dek hockey is very similar to hockey. That said, it has many advantages. We can play dek hockey all year round both indoors and outdoors. Besides, it is a much more affordable sport that requires less equipment than its version played on ice.

It’s been about ten years that this sport is getting more and more popular. Now there are teams of all ages, both young and old.


What does it take to be better?

As in any sport, practice makes perfect. What’s interesting, though, is that you can start at any age. You can join a team even if you have never played or that you are a beginner. It is very accessible and open.

It’s motivating to compete with one another and to take part in championships. I’ve integrated a league in which I evolve over time.


What parallel is there between your work and your passion?

Dek hockey is physical and very intense, while my work is rather intellectual, relatively static, and requires a good dose of concentration. I find that the two complement each other perfectly and lead to a pleasant balance.


What do you like about Sinopé Technologies?

I have been working at Sinopé for several years, and yet, I learn continuously. The challenges are exciting, and the working environment is motivating. The business culture is dynamic with the many activities organized by the Social Club every month.


Deck Hockey Gear - Sinopé


In the bag

  1. Hockey stick
    It’s the same stick that is used for hockey.

  2. Gloves
    These gloves are relatively light but well padded to protect the hands adequately. Better models will feature thinner padding while providing the same protection.

  3. Shin guards
    Just like soccer, shin guards are required. It is common to accidentally get hit with the hockey stick in the heat of the moment.

  4. Jockstrap
    It is necessary to protect vulnerable parts of the body.

  5. Running shoes
    There are shoes specifically designed for dek hockey, but running or multisport sneakers are perfect too. As long as they are comfortable to run, they have a good grip, and they adequately cover the feet.

  6. Helmet
    The helmet is mandatory and essential protection. Personally, I do not use the visor, although it is a highly recommended accessory to prevent facial injuries.

  7. Socks
    Long socks help keep shin guards in place. They also help to prevent scratches in case of a fall.


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