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Energy savings

Energy savings

To those in charge of the budget at home: this article is for you.

The official spring cleaning season has just begun. The days are longer, the sun fills us with energy and we’re in a good mood: the conditions are ideal to clean up your consumption habits. Go, dust these bad patterns to finally reduce your electricity bill!

Pro Tip

According to Matt Cuts, an engineer at Google, it would take 30 days to adopt a new habit. The technique is simple: doing one thing every day, for 30 days, would create a habit. Good for you: this blog post is about integrating new and positive consumption habits in your life so you can finally reduce your energy bill.

Ready for this 30-day challenge?

No-cost ideas that are paying back

  • Fill the washer to full capacity and wash in cold water

Washing with hot water costs up to 18 times more than cold water. In any case, hot water damages clothing faster than cold water. Do we need to say more?

  • Unplug your electronics when not in use

About 40% of the annual consumption of your electronic devices (television, computer, decoder, etc.) comes from when they are turned off. This standby power is typically called phantom power and indeed, it’s scary to pay electricity for “nothing”.

  • Use the dishwasher rather than hand washing

A dishwasher would use an average of 13 liters of water against 39 liters when washing by hand. At last an excuse to avoid this dreadful chore!

  • Close the curtains at night, open them during the day

Blinds and curtains are an obstacle to heat loss, so it is recommended to close them at night. On the other hand, open them during the day to allow the sun to warm the house. This tip will help you lower your heating costs.

  • Turn off the lights

Leaving outdoor lights on all night can cost you up to $40 a year. By turning off these three 60-W bulbs that light up your porch, you’ll keep more money in your pockets. That’s what we call bright savings!

  • Use cold water

Whenever possible, use cold water instead of hot water, such as when you rinse or soak pots or pans.

  • Shower in 10 minutes (or in 5, if you can!)

Reducing the duration of showers by one minute could save you about $50 a year.

Energy savings - Wash your clothes in cold water

Take a shower in 5 minutes: the ultimate challenge

We like this neat advice to make it happen: create a playlist that corresponds to the desired shower time and make sure to finish before the end of the last song. Will you be able to challenge the clock?

Low-cost moves

  • Pick LEDs instead

LED bulbs consume up to 90% less electricity than incandescent bulbs. Their lifespan is around 20 years, so they are particularly practical for hard to reach places.

  • Install a low-flow showerhead

You will consume 50% less water in the shower. So simple of a trick that it flows naturally.

Energy savings LED LIGHTS

Let's go further and get more savings

  • Use smart thermostats

Smart devices have many advantages. Being able to control temperature more accurately from a mobile device helps you control your energy usage. As a bonus, smart thermostats, such as those designed by Sinopé Technologies, generate ultra-precise consumption reports allowing users to see the consumption of each thermostat in real time. It is therefore much easier to adjust your energy consumption and see the savings.

  • Control the water heater
The consumption of hot water in a house represents 20% of the electricity bill. Nevertheless, when you look at the electricity bill, it’s hard to know which of our actions is paying off and which of our habits is pushing up the electricity bill. The smart electrical load controller is an affordable and handy device that allows you to know precisely the power consumption.
Load controller
It’s now possible to control the pool’s water heater from any smartphone
  • Control the pool and spa: a stepping stone to significant savings
The use of the pool and spa accounts for about 70% of the electricity bill in summer. It’s enormous! By controlling the pool and spa pump as well as the pool heater from your mobile device, you can easily reduce your energy consumption and your electricity bill. The purchase of this device pays for itself!

We love the electrical load controller because:

  • It allows you to set specific times for the pool to be quiet during the night and meal times. Peace of mind is priceless. (and all your neighbors will thank you!)


  • You can shut down all devices in your backyard in a single click from your phone.

  • It gives lots of smart features to your ordinary devices (without having to replace your nice, ordinary devices).

  • It is compatible with a LARGE variety of devices (see the compatibility table below!)
  120 V 240 V 277 V 347 V
Resistive load 50 A 50 A 50 A 20 A
Incandescent lamp 20 A 20 A 20 A  
Magnetic ballast 20 A 20 A 20 A 15 A
Electronic ballast 15 A 15 A 15 A  
Motor 1,5 HP 1,5 HP 3 HP  
Visit the websites of your electricity suppliers to discover other great ideas and smart tips to clean up your consumption habits. We love these sites, and there are plenty of others:

You’d like to share your tips with us? Write them in the comments section at the end of this blog post and we’ll select the best ones for a future article!

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Reduce your energy consumption by remotely controlling your pool’s filtration and water heater.

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*Offer valid from July 19 to July 26, 2021, at 3:00 A.M. EST.