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Sinopé Technologies launches Sedna

Sedna, the smartest and most affordable water protection system - Sinope Technologies



Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, CANADA (Oct. 23, 2018) – Home automation company Sinopé Technologies launches Sedna, the first smart water leak protection system that works without a separate gateway and even in the occurrence of a power or Internet failure, thus presenting the best reliability and affordability for North-American homeowners.

As soon as one of the smart water leak detectors senses water as low as 0.015 inch, the valve shuts off the main water supply and an alert is sent by e-mail or SMS[1] informing the user of the location of the leak and confirming that everything is under control.

Users are also informed of frost risks that can lead to broken pipes and when the devices’ batteries are low. They can see all their devices, and open and close the valve using the free Neviweb app available on the App Store and Google Play.


Cutting-edge technology

The hub built into the valve rather than being separate is a major innovation and provides more reliability since the detectors no longer have to communicate with an intermediary for the valve to close the main water inlet. One less device also facilitates the installation and contributes to reducing the cost of the system.

“Sedna was designed with the consumer in mind – it’s easy to install and use, and it works as a stand-alone for the utmost peace of mind, said Sinopé Technologies CEO François Houde. The valve and the water leak detectors are made with materials of the best quality, yet our competitive supply chain and the fact that we specialize in home automation, with everything done in-house, allows us to offer this product at a very aggressive cost. ”

The Sedna system is now available for purchase on Sinopé Technologies’ e-store. The Sedna5 Starter Kit including one smart valve and five smart water leak detectors is available from US$394.95 at Smart water leak detectors can be added to the basic system.

The valve operates under two communication protocols, Wi-Fi and Zigbee 3.0, which allows it to be integrated into an existing smart home system, and for the valve and the detectors to work even without an Internet connection.

Sinopé Technologies also has a professional platform designed for managers and condo owners allowing them to control many Sedna systems from only one management platform.


About Sinopé Technologies Inc.

Sinopé Technologies is a company specialized in smart energy management and control systems with over 50 devices and accessories. Its three business lines are based on the creation of devices for renowned companies in North America; the implementation of management solutions for utilities; and the design of Sinopé brand products for North American consumers.


Media inquiries:

Desiree Larocque
Communications advisor
Sinopé Technologies
1 855.741.7701 ext. 5111

[1] An Internet connection is required to receive e-mail and SMS alerts.

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