Get a rebate
on your new Sinopé

Smart Thermostats!*

*Yukon businesses can benefit
from up to

25% off project cost when purchasing eligible thermostats.

Save energy. Save money.

Sinopé is the largest home automation company in Canada and is trusted by thousands of people worldwide. Our thermostats will help you save money and our beautiful planet by reducing your heating bills by up to 25%. Start saving now!

Program Details

How to claim your rebate


Review the Good Energy
energy upgrades measures list.


Email the Energy Branch at
energy@yukon.ca or phone 867-393-7063 to set up a meeting to: meet the senior energy advisor assigned to your project; discuss your measure selection; and sign a release form to participate in the Good Energy Program for Commercial Buildings.


Email 3 years of fuel and electrical bills to your senior energy advisor.


Collect project quotes from suppliers or contractors.


If your rebate value will be equal to or greater than $5,000, email your quotes to your senior energy advisor. They'll provide you with: a rebate valuation; and a payment agreement for you to sign.


Complete the project.


Gather the required documentation: supporting receipts; invoices; and technical documents for upgrade measures.


Submit your documents to your senior energy advisor. You'll receive a rebate within 12 weeks.

How to qualify for the rebate

Businesses requirements
Existing or new commercial, institutional, and community buildings.
For new buildings, you can only install solar photovoltaic and renewable heating systems to qualify for the rebate.
It is recommend to get a commercial-grade energy audit of your building if your upgrade project: is complex; is expensive; includes recommissioning of building control systems; includes heating and ventilation systems, and controls upgrades; and includes multiple upgrades measures. The energy audit provides you with a customized set of upgrade measures to consider.

Rebate requirements
The rebate is up to 25% for businesses. The rebates cover a percentage of eligible project costs.
Upgrades must result in a reduction in energy use or carbon emissions. To calculate the reduction, we need your building’s bills for: electricity and fuel.

Projects requirements
Eligible costs for implementing energy upgrades in an existing building include:
- Purchase cost of eligible equipment;
- Costs of labour for contractors and professionals employed for project and for the installation of the eligible equipment;
- Costs to dispose of or decommission the replaced equipment;
- Costs of required inspections of the project;
- Costs for shipping, delivery, duties and other applicable methods in getting eligible equipment delivered the facility;
- GST (except when applicant is GST exempt); and
- Costs of commercial-grade energy audits, provided the recommended eligible measures are implemented.
You can choose to install 1 or more of the standard upgrade measures from the energy upgrades measures list. These measures must reduce your energy use or carbon emissions.

Contact our team to get a quotation.

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Get 15% off
the smart electrical load controller.*

Reduce your energy consumption by remotely controlling your pool’s filtration and water heater.

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*Offer valid from July 19 to July 26, 2021, at 3:00 A.M. EST.