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Why Sedna

Sedna is the most complete water leak protection system on the market. Here are a few reasons why Sedna might be your best ally in preventing water damages.

Sedna - Smart water damage protection system by Sinopé

A protection system developed from A to Z by local engineers and designers with durable and high-quality materials.

The most advanced
self-closing smart valve.

The smart water valve is the heart of the Sedna water damage protection system.

Everything is simpler with this smart device. No gateway or control panel needed. The valve is 100% stand-alone. It supports leak detectors and other Sinopé smart devices for complete water damage protection.

Robust and durable base reinforced with fiberglass

Removable controller for quick and easy installation

Lead-free stainless steel valve body that meets the highest quality standards

Full port ball valve with no impact on water flow rate

Manual opening and closing control directly on the valve

Backup power source for ongoing operation up to 48 hours in the event of a power outage

Ultra-precise smart water leak detectors that keep watching 24/7.

Sleek and discreet, they monitor leaks at all times and alert you as soon as they detect the slightest amount of water or when batteries are low.

Mesh water leak detector WL4210-M

Remote sensor for water leak detector AC4200S

Perimeter cable for water leak detector AC4200C-01

They are designed to monitor all areas at risk, even the most hard-to-reach places.

Sinopé’s water detectors slip discreetly near or under devices that can cause water leaks. They all have their place, from the cellar to the attic.

Automatic closure within a few seconds.

Sedna does more than report the location of the leak. The system automatically shuts off your house’s water inlet a few seconds after detection. The Sedna valve closes before the leak turns into damage. You can leave with peace of mind knowing that Sedna is looking after your belongings.

Protected at all times.

Power or Internet outage? No worries. Sedna monitors at all times.
Water leak detectors continue to communicate with the Sedna valve as if nothing had happened.

A user-friendly and intuitive app that gives you full control of your system.

Neviweb - Closed valve
Open and close the valve remotely.
Check the status of your connected devices.
Receive an alert when there is water, frost risk or when batteries are low on the Neviweb App.*

A system that grows according to your needs.

The Sedna water valve can directly communicate with 20 detectors and smart devices. Add them to your Sedna system and enjoy even greater water damage protection.

It can lower your home insurance premium.

Multiple home insurance companies offer discounts to homeowners for installing a water leak protection system at home. Contact yours!
* Internet connection required.