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Connect your multi-controller to the Sedna smart water valve and to your alarm system for even more protection!

Only $79.99
Multi-controller Zigbee - MC3100ZB by Sinopé
your alarm
With the multi-controller, eliminate the risks when you are away by triggering an alarm event that notifies your security company as soon as a leak is detected and the valve is closed.
The multi-controller notifies the alarm central when a water leak is detected
The multi-controller communicates wirelessly with the Sedna valve

Don’t leave anything to chance.
Close the Sedna water valve by activating your alarm system and leave with peace of mind thanks to the multi-controller.
Multi-controller and alarm system - Sinopé
Neviweb dashboard
Discover its multiple
features in Neviweb.
By adding your multi-controller to Neviweb,
you will be able to see which inputs or outputs
are on, and have access to the humidity and
external temperature readings.
Multi-controller and Neviweb - Sinopé

What happens
in the event of a
power outage?

Connect the multi-controller and add lithium batteries for continuous operation, even during Internet outages.

Multi-controller Zigbee - MC3100ZB by Sinopé

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