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GT125 Gateway – Sinopé Mi-Wi

Keep control at all times, from anywhere!*

The GT125 is your smart home’s starting point

  • Remote access

    The GT125 gateway allows you to control all your Web programmable devices with the Neviweb app

  • Quick installation

    The gateway is ready to use. No programming is needed.

  • Access to Neviweb

    Use a platform that gives you many possibilities

  • User-friendly

    Control your smart home with great simplicity using the app

GT125 Gateway – Sinopé Mi-Wi

A new Neviweb app, many new features


The smart home is within your reach.

  • Extended communication range

    The meshing network architecture ensures a strong and seamless signal between all connected devices. No repeater is required.

  • Only one interface needed

    Connect up to 50 compatible devices to one single GT125

  • High security

    The secure encrypted protocol used and the manual activation required both ensure an enhanced network security

  • Zero emission

    No radio waves are emitted, except when communicating with the connected devices

GT125 Gateway – Sinopé Mi-Wi

The Sinopé smart home

The Web programmable product line works in symbiosis. Full control is now within your reach.

The Sinopé smart home

The Web programmable product line works in symbiosis. Full control is now within your reach.

*The remote access requires a permanent Internet connection


Height: 12.06 cm (4.75 in)

Width: 7.62 cm (3 in)

Depth: 2.54 cm (1 in)


The GT125 gateway enables communication with all Sinopé Technologies’ Web Programmable devices.


  • Plug-and-play: no programming needed
  • Secure encrypted protocol used for all communications
  • Manual activation required to ensure additional network security
  • Can connect with up to 50 compatible devices at once
  • Ensures communication between the Neviweb App and the Web programmable devices
  • Does not emit radio waves, except when communicating with the devices
  • Wide communication range

Connectivity requirements


  • GT125 gateway connected to the Internet
  • Smartphone or tablet
  • Neviweb app, available for free in the App Store and in Google Play*

* Users of Web Programmable devices can also use the intuitive Website to control their smart home devices remotely:

Maximum distance between Web programmable products

Approximately 9 meters (30 ft)*

*The distance between Web programmable devices can differ depending on their location and if the RF signal is affected by interference sources.


3 years

In the box

  • GT125 gateway
  • Installation guide – English / French version
  • Desk support
  • Adapter (120 V)
  • Ethernet cable


North American


  • Sinopé Mi-Wi
  • Can control up to 50 compatible devices at once
  • Works with Neviweb

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