Smart plug

Control small appliances and ambiance lights

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Smart plug – Zigbee

The essential complement of any smart home

Turn on and turn off all your small appliances

  • Set time automations

    Pour the coffee or start the kettle on weekdays.

  • Use geolocation

    Automatically turn off the appliances you tend to forget when leaving the house.

  • Use your favorite voice assistants

    Ask Alexa or the Google Assistant to turn on or turn off the devices connected to the smart plug

  • Create device automations

    Link outdoor or decorative lights to your other smart devices to trigger actions instantly.

Smart plug – Zigbee

Discover the Neviweb environment


Optimize your energy efficiency

Turn off devices and avoid energy leaks

  • Quick and easy use

    A plug-and-play device that you can use within minutes.

  • Monitor your energy consumption

    Track your daily, weekly, and monthly energy consumption in real-time with consumption graphs.

  • Reduce the electricity bill

    Turn off electronic devices and avoid phantom power that boosts your electricity bill.

  • Works with Neviweb

    Control the entire smart home in a unique environment that harnesses the full potential of your devices.

Smart plug – Zigbee

The Sinopé Smart home

Simple, accessible, and evolving

The Sinopé Smart home

Simple, accessible, and evolving

* Remote access requires a permanent Internet connection and a GT130 gateway or a compatible Zigbee hub


Height: 4.11 cm (1.62 in)

Lenght: 8.60 cm (3.37 in)

Depth: 3.68 cm (1.44 in)



Incandescent: 960 W

Resistive: 1800 W

Electronic ballast: 500VA

Motor: 0.5 HP

Compatible platforms

  • Compatible with :

    • Neviweb*
    • Sedna Wi-Fi valve (2nd gen.)
    • Google Assistant*
    • Amazon Alexa*
    • SmartThings*
    • Hubitat*

    *Requires the GT130 gateway