Can I install my thermostat myself?

Affected products

GT125-K2, TH1120-3000, TH1120-4000, TH1120P-3000, TH1120RF-3000, TH1120RF-4000, TH1121RF-3000, TH1121RF-4000, TH1123ZB, TH1123ZB-C4, TH1124ZB, TH1124ZB-C4, TH1300, TH1300RF, TH1300WF, TH1300ZB, TH1300ZB-C4, TH1400RF, TH1400ZB, TH1400ZB-C4, TH1500RF, TH1500ZB, TH1500ZB-C4, TR1310

The installation should be performed by a certified electrician and must comply with local and national electrical codes. A loose connection can be a fire hazard.