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Welcome to the Neviweb app!

New look, new features

That’s it! The Neviweb app is now available on the App Store and the Google Play store for all users of Web Programmable devices.

The team worked for months to develop a user experience that is even more performant. The app has a new fresh look and many new features.

This announcement is the first phase of the app. We’re already working on new features, but we’re saving the surprise for later!


How do I transition from my account to the app?

Do you already have a Neviweb account? Download the app and enter your account connection information used with Neviweb.com. All your devices and their programming are already there, waiting for you.




What if I want to keep using Neviweb.com?

You can! Users of Web Programmable devices can use both the app and Neviweb.com simultaneously. As you already know, the Sinopé Zigbee devices will also be compatible with Neviweb once the GT130 gateway is available.

Why are we keeping the Website? Many of you liked to control their devices on PC to see their energy consumption graphics or to manage a large number of smart devices. That is why we decided to kee it.


Neviweb app:  what’s new


New logo, new look

We’ve renewed the environment, but kept the ease of use that users love. Some features names changed to reflect consumers’ reality:

  • Networks are now Locations

  • Scenes are now Automations


The app has Favorite Devices and Favorite Scenes sections so you can quickly access to devices and scenes from the homepage.


Works with Amazon Alexa

You can now ask Alexa to raise the temperature, dim the lights, or start a scene.


Scenes: reviewed and improved

With this update, the meaning of scenes changed, and we added automations.

  • The scenes
    Using the scenes, users can now apply a set of commands to many devices and start the scene by only pressing a button (the scene) in the app. All Web Programmable devices are compatible with that feature.


  • The automations
    The automations allow a physical interaction between light switches, dimmers, and electrical load controllers. You select the event and the action it will trigger. For instance, if you click twice on a light switch, it will then turn on all backyard appliances.


Fun  fact

The scenes are the only programmings saved in the cloud. Everything else, like the schedules and the automations, is saved in the device for unmatched stability.


Device classification by room and by type

Devices can now be grouped by room or by type to facilitate management.


Energy consumption graphics

You can now see total energy usage for an entire location at once. Energy consumption is available in dollars, in kilowatt-hour, and percentage of use for all devices individually too. The data is presented for 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days.

This highly precise tool helps you better understand energy consumption and helps you adapt your habits accordingly for significant energy savings.

35 responses to “Welcome to the Neviweb app!”

  1. Jeff says:

    Will the TH1123ZB Smart Themostats work with an Amazon Echo Plus ?(2nd generation)

    I can’t find any reference to compatibility between the two, however the Echo Plus does have a built-in hub with Zigbee 3.0.

    I would like to use the :
    Echo Plus
    Neviweb App

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Bogdan says:

    The mobile app was a great step forward, personally I find it much more user friendly that web browser on mobile device.

    Alexa integration is another great improvement!

    Do you have any plans for the Apple HomeKit integration? Perhaps an easy win would be your own plug-in for the HomeBridge? This would give you an idea home many people with Apple HomeKit are actually interested in your products and waiting for this compatibility.

    • Valérie Sinopé says:

      Hi Bogdan,
      Thank you for your great comment!
      We are actually developing a new family of products compatible with Apple Homekit. Our first product will be launch in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

      The Sinopé Team

  3. Brett F says:

    What about this idea: Having a “rental” login for the app and to my account, which would allow my guests to use the app to control the thermostats from their phones? You would get more app downloads, more opportunities for non-customers to see your products, and I get to provide my guests with a cool tool to use while they are there.

    You would want to restrict the access or make it to where the main account restricts to their liking. I probably say you guys restrict it for us. Maybe, allow them to even change the schedules, but I can revert back to my settings when they leave?

    Sinope has saved me tons on my electric bill each month. So glad I decided to give it a try!

    • Valérie Sinopé says:

      Hi Brett,
      We are glad to know you appreciate our devices!

      Thank you for your suggestion! Many projects are underway at Sinopé Technologies. We are working on developing a multi-user mode, which will allow you to share your Neviweb account. With this mode, you could be the main user and share a few functionalities with your tenants. We are also developing a building management platform that will allow you to control more than 2 locations and share functions with your guests.

      Have a nice day,
      The Sinopé team

  4. Trevor Nightingale says:

    Bonjour, I have a Sinope 125 gateway with older style thermostats which are no longer available. I want to add more thermostats. Do I need to purchase a 130 gateway? If so will this be compatible with my existing thermostats?

    • Valérie Sinopé says:

      Hi Trevor,
      Thank you for your question! Which type of thermostat do you need and how many?
      The Sinopé team

  5. Eva says:

    Where do I change the per kWh cost?

    • Isabelle Sinopé says:

      Hi Eva,
      You can change your kWh cost in your location settings.
      In the location screen, long-press your location icon. The modify location will appear.
      You can then enter your kWh Cost in cents.
      Thank you,
      The Sinopé Team

  6. Mike says:

    Hi, seems like a good product.

    Can the thermostat be controlled remotely (web or app) without the smartthings hub?

    (I use both GA and Alexa, IFTTT, Yonomi, and a wink 2 hub if that can help…)

    • Isabelle Sinopé says:

      Hi Mike,

      In order to control the Zigbee thermostats remotely, you will have to use one of these gateways: Sinopé GT130, SmartThings or Hubitat. Wi-Fi thermostats do not require a gateway.
      Thank you,
      The Sinopé Team

  7. Gauthier GARNIER says:

    Is the Google Home integration through Samsung Smarthings documented here https://github.com/sinopetechnologies/smartThings still working?

  8. Robert Glover says:

    Ya have Google Home Assistant on the box, this is why I purchased it. DOES NeviWeb work with Google or not? need to know before it’s too long for me to return the thermostats and gateway.

    I’ve read and Google Home is says NeviWeb can be integrated but it doesn’t link the account

    Any reason why?

    I will be returning my items by the end of the week if I don’t get a reply

    • Isabelle Sinopé says:

      Hi Robert,
      Only the Zigbee and Wi-Fi products are compatible with Google Assistant.
      The Web Programmable products are only compatible with Amazon Alexa.
      If you need help with products please contact our customer support at support@sinopetech.com
      We will gladly help you with any issues that you have with our products.
      THe Sinopé Team

  9. Mike says:

    For some strange reason the mode (manual, automatic, standby) is not shown on my thermostat. I also cannot find where I can set a schedule for it. I am using the new GT130 gateway with TH1123ZB thermostat. App version 1.4.2-7, thermostat software version 0.6.0, hardware version 2. Any ideas?

  10. David Lewis says:

    I’m a bit confused… On the Add Devices menu in Google Home, Neviweb is listed as a compatible linked service. Is there any intergration between your thermostats and Google Home through Neviweb… or is it only for other devices, such as light switches?

    • Isabelle Sinopé says:

      Hi David,
      The Zigbee compatible products are now listed in the Google Home app.
      Unfortunately, the Web Programmables Devices are not compatible with Google Home.

      Thank you,

      The Sinopé Team

  11. more info, software 1.3.1
    hardware version 0
    manufacture code 1120

    • Isabelle Sinopé says:

      Hi John,

      Please contact our support department team at this number : 1 855 741-7701
      Your devices would probably need a firmware upgrade to access this function.

      Thank you!

  12. my access shows only manual and automatic, there is no standby option. is there a update that i need? My neviweb shows version 1.2.8-10, please this would be a great feature if i could access

  13. reading the instructions they list that line control thermostats can be bypass(shut off the heater) as the min setting on these is 5 deg c. These are at a cabin were we shut it down for the winter. I can find were to shut it down(bypass) the only options is home and away. I have to shut the breakers to kill the power to these thermostats.
    Any thoughts were to look for this. Is it on the web site or is this a app control.

    • Isabelle Sinopé says:

      Hi John,
      You can access the Standby mode from your Device in Neviweb.
      This will prevent any schedule from running.
      Standby mode

      Thank you!

  14. Al says:

    I can no longer access all my devices. I can only access 9 if my 12 thermostats and 13 of my 16 lights. I also have 4 line controllers that disappeared I’ve reprogrammed everything multiple times and it seems to drop the last few devices that I connect to the network. The devices are still connected as indicated by the LEDs in the lights and like switched and the information in the thermostat. They just aren’t visible in the app or web interface. Please good this.

    • Isabelle Sinopé says:

      Hi Al,

      We are working on the issue and we will contact you by email as soon as the situation is back to normal.

      Thank you!

  15. Craig says:

    This change seems to have knocked out the API I was using to integrate with HomeKit through Homebridge. Is there a new way to access the API? Will there be HomeKit integration?

  16. Bruno Pozza says:

    I think you should reconsider this. If we have Neviweb and Google, we are forced to abandon one or the other to achieve integration. Other services can integrate with Google and it is unfortunate if you can’t get there and may force unfortunate customer decisions.

  17. Jerry Smith says:

    The Alexa skill seems to not be working. Also, will we be able to use Neviweb with IFTTT to achieve better integration with other smart devices?

    • Isabelle Sinopé says:

      Hi Jerry,
      The Alexa skill should work fine. If you are experiencing issues with it, please compact our support team. As for IFTTT, we don’t have any plan at this time to integrate with this platform.

      Thank you !

  18. Robert Hill says:

    That is very disappointing. Is there still a road map for Sinope to change to meet the Google changes and support Google Home Integration?

    • Isabelle Sinopé says:

      Hi Robert,
      Unfortunately, given the new requirements of Google Home, we no longer include the compatibility with this voice assistant in our roadmap for Web Programmable devices.

  19. Michael Tambosso says:

    Will you be implementing integration with Google Home?

    • Isabelle Sinopé says:

      Hi Michael,
      Thank you for your question! Google Home was expected to be part of the unveiling of new features. Unfortunately, Google Home has updated its system policies and these makes Web Programmable Devices not compatible with this voice assistant.

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