The GT130 gateway and the new Zigbee smart home ecosystem

With the announcement of its new smart home ecosystem, Sinopé Technologies officially became Canada’s largest smart home devices manufacturer, and the North-American company offering the broadest portfolio of energy-efficient smart home devices. The launch also included new products that will be available in the coming weeks and months, including a smart plug and a smart in-wall outlet, as well as a tank level monitor.

Another novelty that revolutionizes Sinopé Technologies’ offer is the arrival of the GT130 gateway, which finally allows connecting all Sinopé Zigbee devices to the popular Neviweb app.

What is the difference between the GT130 and the GT125 gateways?

The GT125 gateway is only compatible with Web Programmable devices. It uses a unique communication protocol designed by Sinopé Technologies named “Mi-Wi”.

The GT130 gateway uses the Zigbee communication protocol, which is a standard protocol widely used in North America and around the world. The GT130 hub is used to control Zigbee devices designed by Sinopé Technologies. It could potentially be used to control Zigbee devices designed by other companies.

Do I need to change my Web Programmable devices for Zigbee devices?

  • Because you want to integrate some new Sinopé products, such as the smart in-wall outlet, the smart plug, or the tank level monitor by Sinopé Technologies. These products use the Zigbee communication protocol, and they are only compatible with the GT130 gateway. It is also expected that Sinopé Technologies will develop and unveil other smart Zigbee devices.

  • Because you want to add a device that is no longer available as a Web Programmable version. Sinopé Technologies is specialized in energy efficiency, and our thermostats are very popular. Some products, such as the floor heating or the low-voltage heating thermostats, are no longer available in the Web Programmable version. That’s why users can choose to turn to the GT130 gateway to use the Zigbee version of these thermostats.

  • To benefit from new features like the ability to create automations with all smart devices.

  • To benefit from the aggressive discount offered by Sinopé Technologies. Many users own a cottage or a second home that they have not yet equipped with smart devices. Now is the right time to make the jump by taking advantage of the 50% time-limited discount when purchasing a GT130 gateway and a Zigbee device.

Are the GT125 and GT130 gateways compatible with voice assistants?

The GT130 gateway allows integration with Amazon Alexa (already implemented) and the Google Assistant (coming soon).

The GT125 gateway is only compatible with Amazon Alexa. It was intended to work with the Google Assistant. Unfortunately, shortly before the launch of the new Neviweb app, Google changed the compatibility settings. It was no longer possible for Web Programmable devices to be compatible with the Google Assistant.

However, users of the Web Programmable product line still have access to the features promised when they first bought their smart devices. Users even have access to a few bonuses – the app format now available, the compatibility Amazon Alexa, geolocation (coming soon), and the integration with dynamic pricing programs (coming soon).

Can I use my GT125 and GT130 gateways together?

The GT125 gateway controls Web Programmable devices, and the GT130 Gateway is compatible with Zigbee devices. It is possible to control all Sinopé smart devices in a single Neviweb account. However, Zigbee devices and those that are Web Programmable will not be able to interact in the same scenes or automations.

Why does Sinopé Technologies change the communication protocol used?

The technologies around the Internet of Things evolves in a fast-paced environment. In the past years, the Zigbee communication protocol has emerged as the one with the most promising evolution. Many significant companies support this protocol, including Amazon and SmartThings.

Sinopé Technologies chose the Zigbee communication protocol to develop its new ecosystem. There are many benefits to this transition, including the possibility to grow the Sinopé product portfolio more quickly and ultimately facilitating interaction with non-Sinopé branded Zigbee devices.

To learn more about this communication protocol, check out our smart home glossary.

What are the benefits of the GT130 gateway and the Zigbee ecosystem?

The GT130 gateway is compatible with a broader variety of devices. In addition to all thermostats, switches, dimmers, and load controllers, Sinopé Technologies offers several new products.

Besides, the use of the Zigbee protocol has certain advantages, including dynamic communication between the devices and the possibility of compatibility and interoperability with products from other manufacturers.

What will happen to Web Programmable devices?

Web Programmable devices will continue to be supported by Sinopé Technologies. They will not become obsolete or slow. However, Sinopé Technologies will no longer develop new Web Programmable devices. Thus, these will be available for purchase while supplies last.

* The discount of up to 50% on the price of a GT130 for the owners of a GT125 gateway ends November 30, 2019.

12 responses to “The GT130 gateway and the new Zigbee smart home ecosystem”

  1. Pascal Larin says:


    J’ai été toujours un gros fan de vos produits.. J’ai codé votre API pour Openhab (open source)

    J’ai des gens qui m’ont contacté qui ont plus d’une quinzaine de devices.

    Ça fait plus de 7 mois que votre GW Zigbee est sorti. Est-ce qu’il y a une chance de voir un API de dispo?

    • Valérie Sinopé says:

      Bonjour Pascal,
      Merci pour votre question. Présentement, nous n’avons pas d’API pour l’exploitation résidentielle de la passerelle GT130. Nous avons un API payante exclusive pour l’exploitation commerciale du GT130.

      L’équipe Sinopé

  2. Stephen Boppart says:

    integration with Smart Meters and/or circuit monitoring.

    I understand that the BC hydro smart meters has a ZigBee 1.1b connection for local access. I just signed up for the BC hydro load demo program with your load controller for my water heater – works great by the way! I would be a real selling feature for BC residents if you could integrate into this like rainforests products and show total electricity usage on your Neviweb software.

    Better even yet – it would be great if you could develop a ZigBee electricity meter – there are wifi enabled products out there with clamps for monitoring 8 circuits in the electrical panel. I would much prefer to have this all in one package – Neviweb software.

    • Valérie Sinopé says:

      Hi Stephen,
      Thank you for your interest in our products. Many projects are underway at Sinopé Technologies. We shared your suggestions with our research and development team.

      Best regards,
      The Sinopé team

  3. m trudel says:

    Y a -til un log dans le GT130 de tous les événements ?

    Lorsque j’arrive à la maison il y a des thermostats de démarrés et je n’arrive pas à trouver l’automatisation qui a causé le démarrage des thermostats ?

    • Valérie Sinopé says:

      Bonjour M. Trudel,
      Avez-vous activé la fonctionnalité de géorepérage ? Si oui, ce sont les automatisations de présence qui activent vos thermostats lorsque vous franchissez la zone que vous avez préalablement déterminée. La fonctionnalité de géorepérage permet de mettre un emplacement en mode présent ou absent automatiquement, ce qui active les consignes de vos appareils intelligents.
      L’équipe Sinopé

  4. Comet says:

    Do i still need the get the Gateway 130 for a thermostat if I’m using Samsung Smartthings?

    • Isabelle Sinopé says:

      Hi Comet,
      No, you don’t need the GT130 gateway.
      Our Zigbee product are now native on SmartThings.
      Thank you,
      The Sinopé Team

  5. alex says:

    do you have any steps to integrate GT125 gateway with alexa?

  6. Joe Dawson says:

    So the GT130 will allow web thermostats to have google home integration in the future?

    • Isabelle Sinopé says:

      Hi Joe,
      Unfortunately, the Web Programmable devices are not compatible with Google Home.
      The GT130 only works with Zigbee devices.
      Thank you,
      The Sinopé Team

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