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Our favourite new features in Neviweb

The Neviweb app is full of features to optimize the use of your smart devices and simplify your daily life. Our Web team works daily to improve the application and provide you with the best possible experience. Here are just a few of the latest features we’ve implemented that, like for us, will indeed become your new favourites.

Enable/Disable automation groups

For several months, you’ve been able to group automations on your Zigbee devices, making them easier to manage and navigate through Neviweb. For example, you could already group automations associated with: 

  • A room (bedroom, veranda, garage, etc.)
  • An event (Christmas, summer, vacations, etc.)
  • A trigger (presence, action on a device, weather or sunrise/sunset)

You can now decide to enable or disable a group of automations directly in the app. This saves enormous time, as you no longer have to disable automations one by one. In short, you’ll never again forget to enable or disable an automation linked to a group.

Enable or disable group automations in Neviweb

Selecting the minimum temperature threshold for Calypso

The Calypso smart water heater controller has been developed to link its operation to the dynamic pricing programs of electricity suppliers. As a result, Calypso can switch off the water heater automatically during peak demand events. However, to maintain a safe temperature of the water contained in the tank, the water heater controller is equipped with a parameter called “Low water temperature protection”, which restarts the water heater if the water temperature reported by Calypso’s temperature sensor is below the minimum temperature threshold selected.

Low water temperature settings for Calypso

Previously, the minimum temperature threshold was set at 45°C by default, since this temperature maximizes energy savings, comfort and safety.

However, upon the request of several Calypso users, it is now possible to select the minimum temperature threshold, which ranges from 45 ℃ to 55 ℃. Our teams make it their pleasure and duty to listen to users. In fact, it’s one of our company’s core values. In short, you can now customize your user experience for this product!

Did you know? 

Our mission is to offer high-performance, safe products that optimize energy consumption and peace of mind. That’s why Calypso has been designed and programmed to protect you, whatever the use context. For example, as a protective measure, our controller is designed to restart the water heater if the water temperature drops below a predefined minimum threshold, even if it is not connected to a gateway or the Internet. As long as the temperature sensor inserted in the water heater is connected to the water heater controller, low water temperature protection will be in effect.

Add scenes for the multi-controller

You can now add scenes for the multi-controller in the Neviweb app. The first step is to select the output that will perform the action and its value – Off or On – and add other devices to the scene if necessary. 

Here are a few examples of scenes that could include the multi-controller:

1. Leaving Home scene: You can connect your alarm system to the multi-controller to arm it remotely with your mobile device when you leave home. 

2. Open garage door scene: You can connect your garage door opener to the multi-controller to open it remotely with your mobile device when you leave or return home. 

3. Turn off the gas fireplace scene: You can connect your gas fireplace to the multi-controller to turn it off remotely with a single click. This can be very handy if you often lose your gas fireplace remote control.
Create a scene in Neviweb with the multi-controller

In other words, the multi-controller makes any wired device smart, giving you greater control and protection.

Pro Tip

To avoid creating two scenes for each controlled device (e.g. Scene 1 – Turn on gas fireplace / Scene 2 – Turn off gas fireplace), you can add a timer to the output used on the multi-controller in the latter’s configuration parameters. The timer will then determine the operating time of the device when it is manually activated via the app or by physically pressing the device.

If you prefer to switch the device on or off at any time, we recommend creating two scenes.

The conclusion

Automations, schedules, scenes, consumption graphs: the Neviweb app offers many features tailored to each device. Monthly updates allow you to exploit the full potential of your smart home. 

Tell us, what’s your favourite feature?

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