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Éco Sinopé: the outcome

Éco Sinopé - the outcome

It pays to activate Éco Sinopé reveals a survey carried out in the spring of 2022 among users who turned on the Canadian company Sinopé Technologies feature during the last heating season.

In fact, during the winter of 2021-2022, respondents saved an average of $191 on their electricity bill using Éco Sinopé, and just over 6% saved more than $500.

In comparison, Hydro-Québec customers who subscribed to the winter credit option but did not subscribe to the Éco Sinopé feature received an average credit of $114 from December 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022.

Among the Éco Sinopé users, 91% found it easier to manage peak events from Hydro-Québec power utility.

Lastly, about 94% of users found it easy to use the Éco Sinopé feature to save money.

Participants motivated by choice

Quebecers who activated the feature showed solid motivation throughout the heating season. In fact, 73% of them have maximized their chances of getting greater savings by keeping the peak event management enabled at all times. 

Éco Sinopé stats

However, participants who voluntarily disabled the peak event management did so freely and without penalty. Indeed, Éco Sinopé users are not required to meet a minimum of challenges or peak events per winter season. They can withdraw at any time at their convenience and retain complete control of their connected devices at all times.

Flexibility and comfort

The Éco Sinopé feature offers four profiles corresponding to the setpoints’ adjustment level and maximizes energy savings and comfort.

Users can select a single setpoint for all their devices thanks to the following four profiles: The cold-sensitive, The balanced, The adventurer and The daredevil.

They can also select a different setpoint for each connected device for tailored comfort adapted to their real needs. When users select the latter option, a fifth profile – The artist – appears. For instance, with this last profile, users could apply lower setpoint temperatures in unused rooms or in the basement and warmer setpoint temperatures in living areas.

Éco Sinopé profiles

In the winter of 2021-2022, The balanced and The artist profiles were the most popular, with 29% and 28% of subscribers, respectively.

Participating devices

The Éco Sinopé feature can be activated for various devices, including electric heating thermostats, floor heating and low voltage heating thermostats. These latter thermostats are very popular for controlling fan heaters of more than 4,000 W, such as Dragon-type fan heaters, which are energy-intensive.

Nearly a quarter of Éco Sinopé users have used the smart electrical load controller to control their water heater during peak periods.

Savings first

Quebecers who activated the Éco Sinopé feature did so for economic, ecological, comfort and practical reasons. However, the interest in saving money (91%) and the interest in reducing energy consumption (69%) won their favour, according to the survey carried out last spring among users of the feature.

Outcome: Quebecers feel like winners

The survey conducted among users of the feature reveals that 92% of participants say they are satisfied with the Éco Sinopé feature used in the winter of 2021-2022 and that 91% found it easier to manage Hydro-Québec’s peak events after implementing the feature.

Finally, 94% of users found it easy to use the Éco Sinopé feature to save money.

The outcome is undoubtedly positive. Quebecers generated an average of $191 in savings on their electricity bill in the winter of 2021-2022 while selecting moderate profiles (The balanced and The artist), proving that minimal efforts can generate significant savings.

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