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Sinopé Technologies tackles accessibility and protection for all with its new smart water damage protection products and features


Sinopé Technologies, Canada’s largest smart home devices manufacturer for the residential and multi-residential sectors, now offers the most advanced smart water damage protection system tailored for homeowners and co-owners thanks to several new products, accessories, and smart features added to its existing Sedna system.

The two major highlights of this new release are the multi-controller that allows the connection of the smart water damage protection system to any alarm center and the flow sensor that detects abnormal water flows resulting from a leak in the ceilings and walls.

In addition, the smart-home specialist company now provides the ability to connect several other smart devices to the Sedna water damage protection system for a cascade of protective actions.

Smart plugs and in-wall outlets, as well as electrical load controllers, can now connect to the Sedna valve. As a result, a leak detected by one of the sensors will trigger the closing of the valve (to avoid any water damage). It will also automatically turn off any appliance (water tank, dishwasher, washing machine, etc.), thus minimizing damage.

Other smart features include compatibility with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, geofencing and the ability to open or close the smart valve using a Sinopé light switch. Hence, users will be able to automatically close the main water inlet in their home or cottage on their way out for proactive protection.

Lastly, since its initial launch in 2018, Sinopé Technologies created several adapted models of its flagship Sedna valve in order to tailor the product for all kinds of main water inlets found in both newer and older homes, thus addressing a niche that had been neglected on the market until now. Secondary valves for dual main water inlets or ‘’PEX ready’’ valves, a material used in newer constructions, are now part of the manufacturer’s offer.

Upon popular demand, Sinopé Technologies also unveiled a smart water leak detector with perimeter cable among its new products. The 7-ft long perimeter cable is commonly installed along walls or used to surround appliances that are at a higher risk of water damage, such as hot water tanks.

‘’Thanks to our improved offer, we now literally answer all real estate contexts experienced by homeowners and co-owners, says Maxime Labonté, Chief Commercial Officer at Sinopé Technologies. We’ve focused on our strong suit which is the vertical integration of our business to succeed in this tour de force by offering the most comprehensive offer in terms of water damage protection, he adds.’’

Despite the pandemic and the global electronic components shortage leading to high rising costs, Sinopé Technologies maintains its strategy that has proven to be successful by offering the most efficient system at the best price.

The Sedna smart water damage protection system by Sinopé is 100% standalone. It eliminates water damage risks and works even without electricity or the Internet.

The Sedna valve won Silver at the 2021 Grands Prix du Design for its highly innovative and functional conception.

Launched in 2018, the Sedna Smart Water Damage Protection System originally only included a smart valve and two types of water leak detectors, positioning the system as the first smart and standalone designed in Canada. The newly added products and features once again position the manufacturer at the forefront of protection against water damage.

About Sinopé Technologies

Sinopé Technologies is Canada’s largest smart devices manufacturer for the residential and multi-residential sectors. In addition to creating Sinopé-branded products, Sinopé Technologies designs smart devices and management platforms for many other renowned companies across North America. Specializing in energy efficiency, Sinopé Technologies also supports numerous electricity suppliers and entrepreneurs to optimize energy consumption.

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