5 foolproof tips to speed up your morning routine


It’s not easy, the morning routine. The temptation is the same every morning: let’s postpone the wake-up time. But then it’s the race just to be on time. What chaos!

These five foolproof tips will help you gather precious minutes in the morning so that you can (at last!) relax a bit in the morning.

Tip #1 The buzzer rings. It’s time to get out of bed!

The alarm rings. It’s a reflex: you hit the snooze button. Once. Twice. Thrice. The bed is so warm and comfortable you don’t want to get out of it.

Unfortunately, according to sleep experts, this annoying habit of stretching sleep is harmful.

Indeed, when the alarm sounds, the brain is already in a phase of preparation for awakening. Postponing getting up by continually snoozing the alarm would have many adverse effects, including the persistence of a feeling of fatigue throughout the day.

On the other hand, the presence of light tells our brain that it is time to wake up. The light would thus contribute to facilitating the moment of awakening.

It is easy to simply leave the curtains open in summer, or when the days are longer, it is quite the opposite in winter.

Several gadgets (such as alarm clocks or bedside lamps) are designed to emit artificial light at sunrise.

However, the practical, versatile and foolproof solution lies in the use of your smart dimmers.

These allow you to set a schedule and determine the precise intensity of lighting desired.

Yup: we suggest that you program the light in your room so that it turns on when you should get up. And it works!

For a gentle awakening, choose a progression in light intensity.

For example, thirty minutes before wake-up time, turn the light on at 10% and increase the brightness until you reach 100% light intensity.

You can also turn on 100% all at once. This technique is, however, more direct.


You can schedule such an alarm clock through time automations.

This efficient technique will be just as effective for your children who can also lie in bed in the morning.

Tip #2 Quickly select the right outfit.

Nothing is more annoying than finding out the outdoor temperature right when you walk through the door.

To counter this issue, you currently tend to watch the weather forecast on your smartphone or the television.

However, during the morning routine, every minute makes a difference. This is why accessing this information quickly can significantly simplify your daily life.

And that’s where the second tip comes in handy: get that outdoor temperature information on your thermostat display.


Also, if you have an electric heating system, there will be a thermostat in every room.

Quick access to this information makes it easier and faster to select your outfit of the day.

As a result, not only will you be dressed appropriately and comfortably, but you will also have obtained this information without any effort.

Tip #3 Enjoy your coffee without lifting a finger.

Programmable coffee makers offer their users a double pleasure: that of being woken up by the sweet aroma of coffee and the other, not insignificant, of being able to enjoy a cup of coffee without having to lift a finger.

Inversely, making coffee in the morning eats up precious time. As a bonus, the infusion time requires a good dose of patience, especially since every minute counts in the morning.

Accessing this morning’s pleasure and shortcut is a breeze when you plug your non-programmable coffee maker into a smart electrical outlet.

With the latter, you can prepare the coffee maker the day before so that it is ready to infuse the following day.

Program the time automation that works best for you, and you’re done.


☝️ Expert advice

Schedule your coffee maker to start based on when you wake up, so the coffee is ready when the alarm rings. The coffee smell will be an additional incentive to get you out of bed.

Tip #4 A home that welcomes you from inside.

There are many ways for a home to be welcoming. The presence of light is an essential factor.

We often think of streetlights and outdoor lights that illuminate our steps on the way home. But what about the welcome received at other times of the day, within it?

Since smart devices improve comfort and automate simple actions, you might as well make the most of them.

Consider scheduling the lights in the kitchen, hallway, and other parts of the house that you use in the morning at the usual time of your daily routine.

You will thus enter an adequately lit space without the minor detours to light everything up. This luminous reception is all the more pleasant as the morning gestures are often carried out while it is still dark outside.

Tip #5 Use geofencing to turn things off upon your departure.

If there’s one surefire trick to speed up and simplify your morning routine, it’s to use the geofencing feature.

Geofencing allows actions to be triggered based on your location. 

This feature uses your mobile device’s position to detect when you leave the delimited perimeter and send instructions to your devices.

Depending on the parameters you have determined, you can, for example, lower the set temperature of all your thermostats, turn off the lights or any other device plugged into a smart electrical outlet when you are 5 km from your home.

You won’t have to worry about turning anything off when you leave the house.

This feature, combined with all smart home devices, eliminates the irritant of turning everything off before leaving the house.

Geofencing also reduces the electricity bill since you avoid heating unnecessarily in your absence.

The conclusion

Smart thermostats, dimmers, and plugs make everyday life easier and more enjoyable.

The combination of gestures above will help you optimize your routine and save precious minutes that will allow you to arrive on time and stress-free wherever you need to go.

And who knows, maybe you can even take advantage of it to gain a few more minutes of sleep thanks to an optimized morning routine?

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