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5 reasons to install a water damage protection system in your new home


Over the past ten years, water damage has become more and more frequent in different types of properties, for all sorts of reasons. In fact, water damage incidents are now the leading cause of home insurance claims, according to Info Insurance, the Insurance Bureau of Canada‘s information platform. “In 2019, 47% of claims paid out in home insurance were for water damage”1, reports this association, which aims to inform and raise awareness on various topics and issues related to property and casualty insurance.

One way to minimize the risk of water damage is to install a water damage protection system in your home. Also, now that you’re relocating, it’s the perfect time to get this kind of system to protect your new investment better. 

Here are 5 good reasons why you should get the Sedna water damage protection system from Sinopé.

1. Protect your new investment

Water damage can happen at any time. It would be a shame if you had to suffer from such an incident, especially in your newly-bought home. There are many reasons why water damage is on the upswing, but “40% of water damage is due to breakage inside the home”2. Therefore, you could save a lot of money and avoid repair costs by installing a proper protection system.

2. Reduce your home insurance premium cost

Many home insurance companies offer discounts or a reduction on the home insurance premium to homeowners who install a water damage protection system. This is the case with thePersonal, which automatically offers a 10% discount, Desjardins Home Insurance, Promutuel Assurances, Co-Operators, Wawanesa, and many other companies. SSQ Insurance offers up to a 25% discount on home insurance. La Capitale offers an additional rebate when you equip your home with a water leak detector that automatically shuts off the water supply. 

It’s simple, you win twice by installing a Sedna water damage protection system: you’ll protect your valuable belongings and you’ll potentially qualify for a discount from your insurance company. Contact yours to find out!

Prevent water damage and receive a premium from your insurance company by installing a protection system in your home.

3. Leave with peace of mind

Sedna is the most complete water damage protection system on the market. The smart water leak detectors are ultra-precise and watch over your home 24/7, and the valve automatically shuts off when a water leak is detected. You will be able to leave your new home with confidence, make your daily life easier, and leave nothing to chance.

4. Connect up to 20 smart devices for maximum protection

Connected accessories for the Sedna smart water valve
Evolve your Sedna system as you see fit.

The standard Sedna system includes a smart self-closing water valve and 5 smart and ultra-precise water leak detectors. However, you can upgrade your Sedna system by connecting up to 20 sensors and devices to the valve, giving you the best and most complete water protection system on the market.

Whether you choose to add the flow sensor to detect leaks that are invisible to the eye or link the smart light switch to the valve to control its opening and closing with a double-click, all the additional devices will help you minimize the risk of damage and protect your new home.

Complete your system and discover all the complementary accessories that can be connected to the smart water valve. The combinations are endless!

5. Control your system remotely

The Neviweb app designed by Sinopé allows you to keep control of your water damage protection system, even remotely. You can decide to open and close your Sedna valve according to your needs, choose which sensors close the valve in case of water detection, and monitor the status of your protection system at your fingertips. In addition, Neviweb sends you alerts via SMS and email when a leak is detected and the valve is closed. It is also possible to control the opening and closing of your valve with your favorite voice assistant! In fact, you can now ask Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant to close your valve when you leave the house.

The Sedna protection system is, therefore, an excellent solution to prevent water damage and protect your new home. Our devices are developed from A to Z by local engineers and designers with durable and high-quality materials, in order to offer a reliable and efficient system.

1. Info Insurance. More and more water damage. 
2.  Insurance Bureau of Canada. (2019, June 28). De plus en plus de dégâts d’eau! Protégez-vous. 

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