Sinopé Technologies becomes Canada’s largest smart home devices manufacturer with its new smart ecosystem

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Sinopé Technologies becomes Canada’s largest smart home devices manufacturer with its new smart ecosystem


Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu (QC), October 22nd, 2019 – Quebec-based Sinopé Technologies becomes Canada’s largest manufacturer of smart home devices with its new ecosystem available online at sinopetech.com as of October 24th, 2019 on time for Montreal Home Expo Show. Specialized in energy efficiency, Sinopé Technologies will now offer a complete set of devices for Canadians to reduce their energy consumption and electricity bills.

Additionally, Sinopé Technologies recently opened an office in Vancouver and now has a second one in the Province of Quebec. A Toronto salesforce will soon be put in place to meet the growing demand for smart devices helping with energy efficiency.

The new ecosystem will include smart thermostats for electric, low-voltage, and floor heating, light switches, dimmers, and smart control solutions to manage energy-intensive appliances. Sedna, the smart water damage protection system designed by Sinopé Technologies, will also interact in the same environment.

Sinopé Technologies is also launching two new product categories. The Sinopé smart plug and wall outlet will allow the control of accent lighting (lamps and decorative lighting) and a myriad of small appliances. Tank monitors will complete the manufacturer’s offer for the current season. These devices will allow users to receive alerts before they run out of propane or fuel when they cook, heat their home, or use the BBQ.

Many more products will be added to the ecosystem in the coming months, positioning the manufacturer as the one-stop-shop for the smart home in North America.

Users will control the complete ecosystem in the Neviweb app, thanks to the new GT130 gateway. This hub presents many advantages, including the capability to save locally all programmings and automations. Unlike other systems that work with the cloud, this approach allows the smart home to work perfectly even if there is an Internet outage. This feature also eliminates all risks of cloud computing failures.

Energy efficiency

Designed by a manufacturer specializing in energy efficiency, the products of the new Sinopé ecosystem reach the highest industry standards, allowing users to optimize their energy consumption. Soon, the Neviweb app will also include features to follow dynamic pricing programs of electricity providers to optimize energy consumption and reduce electricity bills.

Neviweb and the flagship features of the new ecosystem

Recognized to unleash the full potential of the smart home with its many features, the Neviweb app available for free in the App Store and on Google Play will now integrate compatibility with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. The geofencing implemented in the app will allow users to trigger actions by moving away or approaching the house. Lastly, scenes and automations will create shortcuts to assign simple or complex instructions depending on the time of day or the activity performed.

New with the ecosystem: users will now be able to unlock even more features and smart settings with a premium version of the app.

Sinopé Technologies’ professional management platform will enable residential and commercial property managers to control multiple locations in a single account. This platform will also include access to advanced control and management features to reduce energy and power costs of buildings.

About Sinopé Technologies Inc.

Sinopé Technologies is Canada’s largest manufacturer of smart home devices. In addition to designing Sinopé-branded devices, the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu-based company designs management devices and platforms for other well-known companies in North America. Specialized in energy efficiency, Sinopé Technologies also supports many Canadian electricity suppliers and contractors in their efforts to optimize energy consumption and demand management.

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